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The nostalgia cycle will continue, and future historians will come along to parse the eras of Sugar, Carlos, Suki, etc. There were so many things that we did all at once, so it really prepared us for the industry.

While a cartoon was playing, Phil and I are in conversation. That would last a good half-a-year while I was gone.

This stone-cold fact unites my generation. It was pretty sketchy back then. Metallica came in and talked to Phil.

The prizing people would pay to have the prizes advertised. For its final two seasons, Uh Oh! He definitely brightened up when we told him he was our favourite Fuzzpaw now and always.

She started doing the farm. If Snit said something mean to Phil, naughty adult dating they would write in and complain.

If the game ended in a tie, a jump-in question was read. Smarmy, slimy, and over-the-top, and it just kinda developed. Nothing was ever cut and dry.

There would be a running story line throughout the night, and things would gradually unravel in a typical Scooby-Doo episode-type fashion. Unless you were Tarzan Dan. We were all really different, and had our individual strengths. Last year on stage, they actually stopped a concert in Calgary and thanked me.

The wheel in the third round was stationary, and the indicator spun. She voiced the character of Rini in the dubbed version screened that all over North America. And also, my sense of timing is really good because of it. There are a ton of lessons I learned from those days.

What you saw on The Zone was an extension of my friendship with Phil. So there would be a Scooby-Doo-level mystery to solve that would take the place of traditional Zone segments between the shows. It became one of my best co-hosts.

List of programs broadcast by Much