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But unlike all your lip-synch adventures, his was viewed over million times. Perform video searches directly on YouTube including Playlists as well.

He ended up creating a series of gibberish-filled videos that have entertained and confused millions. Chase and I am a cloud shrinker. You can add all the political remonstrating you want, but a bro is a bro is a bro, even when electricity is passed through his body until he screams bro. According to our research, the video can be sourced to the Japanese series Hello!

Catapulted to internet fame, Sullivan would go on to nab a People's Choice Award, as well as plaudits from other popular comedians of the period, including Andy Samberg and Margaret Cho. While this clip first aired on national television, it's YouTube canon because its perfect construction renders it timeless. Running behind on something? The more bizarre, the better. Better than a mango, even!

All normal stuff, you can buy normal merch to support Lewandowski's art. In the early days of YouTube, there could have been no way to know that a half-assed final project would become an icon of nonsensical internet humor. Now you can download Facebook videos. So much brilliance can come from a nondescript camera and a shotgun mic. And which great YouTube videos over the years are the greatest?

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Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. At some point, we may wish to update the app. For all of the attention the Kuzmas got for this viral video, they seem to have grown up to be regular people with regular career paths. So long that they can be quoted on what it's like to breastfeed.

99. Charlie The Unicorn

What does one do with fame no one's willing to pay for? It's the perfect mix of brevity, irreverence, and hilarity. How you found the violation and any other useful info. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. You probably don't even have to hit play on this clip to remember what it's all about.

It ended up becoming so popular that it was parodied in an episode of South Park. An entire wing of YouTube is dedicated to watching total strangers get way too excited about stuff, whether it's unboxing gifts or enjoying a new Chewbacca mask. Don't you have some Kelly in you? It only gets crazier from there, pushing Washington into Chuck Norris-esque territory. Don't think about it too much.

We largely avoided music videos, web series, tutorials, and sketch comedy, wells so deep they deserve separate rankings of their own. See the somehow more epic version here. In a world dominated by the two poles of hardened cynicism and corrupt smarminess, it can be difficult to locate yourself emotionally in day-to-day life.

YouTube spawned an entire generation of remixing jokesters who could dig up humor in a nearly limitless pit of famous scenes and clips begging to be shit on. Like most treasures online, you know it when you see it. Because of the hideous conditions in jails, prisons are like tombs and inmates are like ghoulish creatures.

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Charlie was the original boss baby, and, in a sense, we are all his employees now. Yahoo Answers was the original Quora, which is to say that it's where some of the most mind-boggling questions were asked under the veil of anonymity. Antoine Dodson was an ordinary human who stumbled upon fame in after someone snuck into his home and tried to attack his sister. Certain functions of the app will require the app to have an active internet connection. There are better alternatives.

Best YouTube Videos of All Time Ranked - Thrillist

In the pre-internet era, stumbling on a mistake in a live broadcast was like spotting an asteroid screaming across the sky. This minute video, which only consists of her saying her name, tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Poppy. Before anyone forms any kind of opinion on North Korea, they should be required to watch this video.

Stansson's monologues in the woods spread like wildfire, inspiring YouTube imitators male and female alike. Astley himself even fell for it. Rollerblading down a flight of stairs in an inflatable mascot costume?

Best YouTube Videos of All Time Ranked - Thrillist

Along the same lines, Prospera Software, Inc. We therefore recommend that you do not jailbreak or root your phone, which is the process of removing software restrictions and limitations imposed by the official operating system of your device. What's new in this version Now you can download Facebook videos.

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None of this is up for debate. Free Instant Downloader for YouTube. The schadenfreude is sweet.

If you ever need to explain to someone who Alex Jones is and what exactly he's all about, just play this video from internet video editor extraordinaire Todd Dracula. In years, this will be a great time capsule of or all entertainment will look like this. It's a video that was so widely viewed that even Osama Bin Laden had it on a device in his compound. Part of YouTube's power lies in its ability to strip away context. This app can Use your location Access your Internet connection Use your music library Use your video library.

It was the mids, during what you might consider the web comedy boom, and viewers instantly connected to the mesmerizing music video and its unsettlingly relatable character. His kingdom is Flavortown, his culture is not your goddamn prom dress. Will a skeptical attitude earn you a reputation as a Negative Nancy, held at a distance by your peers? The spectrum of human fetishes and sensual pleasures is, in fact, infinite.

But, like many YouTube folk heroes, he delivers a type of strained, well-meaning earnestness instead. The vlog is a genre of video that lends itself to the intensity of fandom.

YouTube is a great place to watch highly edited compilation videos of people falling on their faces, but it's also a repository for human joy. Get it now and start downloading your videos and music from YouTube. But the relationship between broadcast television and YouTube didn't take off until Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell's ode to hitting up Magnolia Bakery and macking on cupcakes. You should be aware that there are certain things that Prospera Software, flight simulator x missions Inc.

She reached out to Everything Is Terrible! The best part is that she's totally fine, so you don't have to feel bad for laughing! It's somehow the wet dream of both an authoritarian regime and over-aggressive helicopter parents, and I think most of us can agree that the result is a hell world we should strive to prevent.

Instead, the lyrics go through a blender and the song takes on a whole new meaning. Accessibility The product developer believes this product meets accessibility requirements, making it easier for everyone to use. There is no need to copy links and switch back and forth between YouTube website and the app, everything is one place.