Who is omowunmi akinnifesi dating, who is omowunmi akinnifesi dating after divorce basks in euphoria of being

Just until the responsibilities and pressures of being a Queen kick in. This is just a trivial issue you dont need wasting your energy on. And give all her haters a chance to start bad-mouthing her? The issue of Dan Foster is not a new hing and i guess u did that just to let people know that she once denied her relationship too. Looks like a blunder to me.

Who is omowunmi akinnifesi dating after divorce Basks in euphoria of being

Who is omowunmi akinnifesi dating


My University at that time was on strike and this was an opportunity to have fun. Me I dont like people venting person things when angry sha O! Please remember to pray for Women all around the World. Your bigger than this dude.

Afterall we all know that Linda has never earned up to dollar in her modelling career. Niyi you were too upset and i understand considering what you went through to get Linda media hype up there. You really have to make a blog entry of this? We have been quoted by all Nigerian newspapers and websites.

That just gets under my skin. You know the truth and your other half knows it too. We love you and we love Linda, dont allow what anyone writes here to cause enmity between you two. Kai Niyi u dey blow real hot, aba?

The blessing & curse of The Beauty Queen - Omowunmi Akinnifesi

Na sledge hammer u wan take kill ant? Oh well, it comes with the territory we tell ourselves. From what I read, ucl dating site Linda called to apologise and settle with you.

  1. As a friend and associate for years, I thought Linda should have put a call through or send text message to ask me what actually happened.
  2. Can I get an over-reaction?
  3. She was certainly not reacting to your blog she was only reacting to how the story was write in Encomium.
  4. Haba i really thought your were bigger than this ooo i mean talking about her affair with Dan foster is soooooo not cool dude not cool at all!

Maybe you should give it a try, see how it goes. You are Linda's publicist and mentor in journalism. The fellow also told us that they have marriage plans. Well, maybe Linda was writing from her own personal experience in the hands of the media.

Who is omowunmi akinnifesi dating

Who is omowunmi akinnifesi dating

You feel lighter and even more spontaneous. So please you don't need to disrepect her on your blog. Also, you shouldn't have written about Linda's personal secrets with you. Maybe it is quite unfortunate that her assumptions were incorrect, be mindful however, that given the totality of the circumstance, her assumptions about the nigerian media is not totally inaccurate. Is it not the same brain we all have?

The amazing thing is that it is the women who run themselves down. He was gentlemanly in his approach. The worst part is that after everything.

It is a one-year opportunity to live a dream and whatever you decide to do after that is your choice. Perhaps, the reason why a lot of people appreciate what we do here. Well, if Linda's attempt is to rubbish us, its all well and good. She invited us to her wedding some weeks later. Well, she thinks she is made already.

  • People forget that these girls are actually normal human beings.
  • Dont be picky about ethnicity or colour btw, since celebrities might have to consider a wider range of potential dating partners.
  • As her former publicist, her secrets are supposed to be your secrets.
  • Brother Niyi, ko ti to ija, Please dont be angry.
  • Hearing this breaks my heart.

He was not drunk when he was saying all this neither was I drunk too. You may not post this but I am slightly disgusted. Dat was the same thing dat happened with Psquare and Ayenithegreat, and they were freinds, just like u and Linda.

People forget that Queens are Human. What is freinship worth to u guys anyway? About one month before Yoruba star actress, dating rituals in the united Ronke Ojo got married to her man she denied having anything to do with an auto dealer. You practically become a robot while that crown is on your head.

You meet people and lets just say you are practically living the fairytale life in reality. Women, girls, Mothers, Sisters, please things should not be this way. Come on people, stop being hypocrites. See why I dont do news on werunthings.

We all wake up to condemn society and indeed the Government for our woes and travails when indeed we the people, contribute a great quota of unimaginable ills to society. Dont mind the jobless gossipers jare. He also gave me his phone number. However, I think for someone who is or was her friend and publicist, filipina online dating you were kinda harsh on her.

Who is omowunmi akinnifesi dating

Mr Niyi weldone, but u over did it men. This is a candid opinion of a friend. What is wrong in calling her to settle the differences. He knew what he was saying.


Or to answer a question in front of billions of people? When you have to look a certain way, dress a certain way and even talk a certain way. Some of us a looking up to u guys role models. Chaperons go everywhere with you.

Who is omowunmi akinnifesi dating

She also obliged me a phone interview which took quite a while. It is neither professional, nor responsible, Her blog entry was not a personal attack on you. We settled the whole thing and all of us agreed that the guy was only being mischievious. As for my case, funny I have maintained a scandal free aftermath and I humbly thank God for saving me from the hands of the devours.

Being a Beauty Queen is not a career. Later, they went inside the hall and I also took their pictures. Reach for the best and conquer the worst.

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It has its pros n cons but it is strange that your past follows you like a shadow. Though they were not seated beside each other, they were on the same table in front. The story was later published on the gistmaster.

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But it just damages the entire platform. When some people wrote it in the press, she also denied it. This is because of the authoritative news and photos.

Who is omowunmi akinnifesi dating

Who is omowunmi akinnifesi dating after divorce

On his part, Chude Jideonwo, Bellanaija, Omowunmi, Mai and several others have reached me personally on this. After the story was published, Omowunmi called me and insisted that the guy was only an impostor that they only met on the red carpet that day. Linda wrote that none of the story is true and that Omowunmi and the guy spoke with Shade Wesley-Etibogun of Encomium. Back to the story on Omowunmi Akinnifesi.

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