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Grandiose plans of the ruling dispensation invariably come in for criticism, and are often taken with a pinch of salt. Apart from this, many compost units started at various parks in the city are either closed down or defunct due to various reasons.

No one had the faintest clue, what this might have meant. News of the visit by a Gujarat delegation to the Karnataka Compost Development Corporation premises to replicate similar models in that state has receded out of public memory.

The colour coded system makes it uniform and effortless to follow. From a small citizen initiative, it has grown into a movement encompassing the whole city. The mess, meanwhile, is becoming messier.

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Swachh Bharat can really be achieved only when each one of us takes charge of the waste we generate. Yet, what has been gaining steam and gathering consensus over the last few weeks has been the well-argued demand for a separate civic body to resolve the garbage crisis of Bangalore. Bangalore now is a city steadily sinking under the weight of its own garbage. If all goes well, there will be no reason to believe that Bangalore will remain as garbage city. Uniform colour code provides consistency for the entire city.

See our network in action

Collection of segregated waste becomes more efficient Creates sense of universal segregation culture. But till even a few decades ago, segregation of waste was not the talk of the town. And in doing this, rainbow lgbt dating sights he had appealed to Bangaloreans to segregate their waste at source and deposit the dry waste at the respective dry waste collection centres. The state government is yet to provide funds to install additional waste processing units and the corporation needs a few more years to clear the garbage mounds at its premises.

The ease of the formula and the way it instantly cuts down on plastic bags and the need for landfills to accommodate them has made it a resounding success. Be a part of the dream to transform our country! Segregation at source is the only way to remedy this and here is where two bins and a bag comes into picture. This can arguably be done better by a new agency created from scratch.

Waste of Management in Bangalore

Two bins One bag sums up the aspirations, research, efforts and dreams of a whole lot of committed citizens working over years to find a solution to our overwhelming garbage problem. Following the best practices listed, this can be rolled out anywhere in a very short time. Yes, that was during the days of yore. Detractors believe that contractors pay hafta to corporators to ensure that no complaints are made against them.

The increase in quantum of garbage arrival at landfills made residents of Mandur, Mavallipura and Gundlahalli protest and opt for violent methods to prevent garbage-laden trucks. Chaos prevailed, and the stench was all-pervading. Even this evidently failed. Eliminates the need of plastic garbage bags. Two bins One bag - What is the story here?

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However, in case of the August crisis, those expected to find a solution had complicated it by ensuring that pourakarmikas joined the strike for two days. Someone needs to take these issues up. But that was all in the past.