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Very intimidating names, the Breastplate of Righteousness

Understanding Botanical Names

Look at the sumptuous satin brocade and the plush-backed zip. The reciprocal trigger refers to the action being done by the subjects at the same time. The charmingly named Lipomed is yet another sweaty latex-based contraption from the Americas. Why is it important to hang our weapons on truth? An additional feature of the hobnails was that they provided traction on dirt and grass.

The belt of Truth

The Bible acts like the hobnails, or cleats, that gives us a firm footing and keeps us grounded. This has become one of my favourites. Prayer takes our confidence off of ourselves and puts it onto God. The sword was fixed to the belt on the right side and a dagger on the left.

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Panties will never flatten a tummy. The man bought the banana at the store for the monkey. It must be more than head knowledge, it must also include heart knowledge. The use of shields allows the army to keep pushing forward. We are all on the same level when it comes to faith.

It is quite correct of course, but women prefer less scientific names. Individual species are precisely identified by analyzing the flowers and seeds of each plant. An actual soldier would have started with undergarments and ended with the shield. We think of a giant wave about crash over us and that we to stand firm to keep from being washed away, if we can. Besides you, I desire nothing on earth.

And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? The wooden hilt, where the soldier's hand holds onto the sword, featured a rounded grip, with four finger ridges carved in to allow a comfortable and firm hold upon the sword. For Paul to describe Christians as wearing armor, would not have been seen as unusual by the early Christian church.

How often have we seen a completely unexceptional and probably quite ineffectual girdle, definition hookup and commissioning whose very mediocrity is enhanced by the barrel scrapings of the marketing department. Do you have a very small group of Christians that you are close to? Every Roman soldier used a shield that was the same size and weight as the soldier next to him.

The shield was also used as means of visual identification. Hobnails, small iron nails think cleats, or studs which were nailed through the soles, kept the footwear together and prevented the soles of the boots from wearing out too quickly. As if an open-bottom girdle was not punishment enough, the same model above left throws her hands in the air in sheer delight at the all-enveloping pantie-girdle. They just couldn't seem to grasp that Jesus was exactly who he claimed to be.

As a Christian, you are not in the fight alone. Strangely, Smart Form made an identical garment manufactured at the same factory. Today, the name of a plant is coined by the botanists who first describe identify as new the plant, after analyzing the characters and attributes of the plant. Keep an eternal perspective. When Jesus was being tempted by Satan, he did not cower in fear and trembling.

Very often that made up common name is just a rearrangement of the scientific name, for instance, the scientific name Phacelia fremontii becomes Fremont's Phacelia. Every army camp was required to have shrines to the gods and some legions were even dedicated to a particular god. Understanding Botanical Names To a layperson, the botanical names sound very intimidating. It is not uncommon to wonder why have such complex names for plants, and why can't we just use common names.

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Even at the plant family level, there is confusion in common names. There are no books that list common names with details about the precise characteristics of each plant so we can know for sure what plant is being referred to. Common names have no standardization.

If we allow them to, circumstances may convince us that God does not really love us or that His Word is not true. Both pieces were hand made for the individual and were either latched or laced or buckled together. You get what it says on the tin I suppose! Soldiers would regularly coat the shield with olive oil to keep the wood from drying out and becoming brittle. Pity the poor husband faced by an unrecognisable rubber-clad parody of his wife.

The Breastplate of Righteousness

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Sanctification is the process through which God makes us more and more like Christ. We tend to think of the shield as a defensive tool, but we need to rethink this in light of spiritual warfare. The subject is usually compound, plural or collective. Use the shield of faith to knock that mountain into the sea.

The metal boss, or umbo, in the center of the shield also made it an auxiliary punching weapon as well. The outcomes of those battles determine the course of our lives. It should only be used in truth. Don't just read the Bible, meditate on it.