The Swan and The Lady

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Overflow crowd gathers to honor slain Maryland journalist. The chamber published a brochure with directions, a history of Monticello's swans and a food and lodging directory.

Overflow crowd gathers to honor

The descriptive language continues and intensifies in the form of two mostly iambic questions, focusing on Leda's predicament as the swan advances. This is used to prevent bots and spam. Benvenuto Cellini made a medallion, now in Vienna, early in his career, and Antonio Abondio one on the obverse of a medal celebrating a Roman courtesan.

Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. According to many versions of the story, Zeus took the form of a swan and seduced Leda on the same night she slept with her husband King Tyndareus.

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Yeats version, it is subtly suggested that Clytemnestra, although being the daughter of Tyndareus, has somehow been traumatized by what the swan has done to her mother see below. Perhaps this is why the poet uses such dramatic language in the first eight lines of the poem. The theme remained a dangerous one in the Renaissance, as the fates of the three best known paintings on the subject demonstrate.

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This is a vivid description, with rich yet direct language. Look out for the unusual way in which the poet ends the sonnet.

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