The Laws Of The Spirit World

Overall a good read for those who believe in spirituality. For other uses, see Spirit world disambiguation. This book is sure to open your eyes, provides a great deal of information about the spirit world and will help you mend your ways.

It was nice to know about afterlife and notion of good and evil. Reading it calmed my mind and re think what I am doing on a day to day basis. We are here on earth for evolution of soul to do good, pure, honest deeds. Still fascinating and like nothing else, though.

The Laws of Rapport And Communication. Laws of the Spirit world answered most of the questions about world, misery, karma, karmic connections, zip for pc karmic debts and lot of other aspects of cosmic energy. The Laws of the Spirit World. Their spirits were trying to reach them through a chain of people.

Under their guidance Khorshed annd Rumi deveoped powers of concentration that enabled them to communicate with their sons through a process called automatic writing. The mind of a mortal learns many things which seem to that mind to be the truth, and which, in its opinion, must lead to progress and greater knowledge. There were times when the author simply assumed that we're not buying her shit and are disagreeing with her. But many other spirits know that there is an immortality for spirits who choose to seek that immortality in the way that God in his great wisdom and providence has provided. Spiritualists added a concept of limitlessness, or infinity to these spheres.

The Laws of The Spirit World

So my only recommendation it. No lies, deception that's not the nature of our soul. You would only be able to relate to it in case you are religious and God fearing person. The lessons shared are great and I indeed have learn something new.

Well, I want first to say that no spirit, by the mere fact of having shortly before made his advent to this world, has received any much greater knowledge than he had when on earth. Haven't finished it yet but have definitely been an eye opener.

Some I don't understand but just because I don't understand it yet doesn't mean it's not true. Ditto with Sri Aurobindo - many wonderful and useful insights, but as he readily admitted, he was human and not able to discern all that is. We are here on a short journey to fulfill our duties - whatever we do, we have to do it from the bottom of your heart. English Choose a language for shopping.

His will then becomes a great force in his success in progressing and working in conjunction with the help that calls it into operation. But when he has been relieved of these sufferings, he is then in a condition to start towards the progression that I have spoken of.

Open Preview See a Problem? Nonetheless thankful from the depth of my soul. No, this law is as fixed as any law of this great universe of God. Hence, they may opt to be reincarnated on earth to speed up the process. Samuels Contemporary Messages From Jesus.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. As you are tired, I will continue the balance of my discourse when I write again. This is a subject that spirits discuss as much as do mortals, and it is just as much a question of uncertainty, as is the immortality of the soul as taught among mortals, now and for all ages past. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. It shows what is within you.

Cleared many questions i had in mind and gave clarity on many spiritual concepts. But let them know, that if a man depends upon his own powers, exclusively, he will never progress. Ditto with Michael Newton's spiritual hypnotherapy approach in terms of being limited in scope and from a narrow human perspective I could go on and on but I won't. But this helped me to grow spiritually. There are some really good and wise thoughts in this book.

Spirit world (Spiritualism)

Laws of the spirit world

So just buy it according to your belief system. As such, she is cast in much the same role as a Moses, Mohammed or Joseph Smith. Even if you don't believe in God, but believe in the subconscious mind, you should read it. If the facts that brings that punishment into operation are the same, that punishment will be the same, no matter whether the object of its infliction be the same or different persons. All progression depends upon the help that comes from outside the mind or soul of man.

Was not able to continue reading it after I was half way through. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

There are many good things written and mentioned, yes but more often than not you find them being repititive. Nonetheless th The Book that'll transform your existence, if you let it.

However, the question left unanswered in how does one identify the evil soul. The boys asked their parents to develop powers of concentration, so they could communicate safely and privately together through the method of automatic writing.

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But overall a recommended read. All I was getting from this book was general knowledge that I already knew before. My life was miserable with lot of obstacles. Top rated Most recent Top rated.

The Laws of The Spirit World by Khorshed Bhavnagari