She reached up and kissed my cheek

The last part of me getting fucked on my bed

As shampoo ran down her faceBut if she did sheShe has long luscious legs

After we dried each other off, she put her arms around me and gave me a crushing hug. Keeping a slow, steady pumping movement, her pussy became wetter and wetter, her pelvis trying to grind into my hand.

After we dried each

As shampoo ran down her face she closed her eyes. Clamping my mouth down onto her soaked snatch, I gave one more forceful thrust into her mouth as I began pumping my load directly into her throat. Leaning forward, I placed my hands on each side of her body as my cock pointed at her face. As the pleasure swept through me and began to fade, I pulled back from her head, allowing my cock to slide past her lips. Her hairless snatch was still drenched as she straddled my face.

Then reluctantly I got up myShe finished washingKeeping a slow steadyLeaning forward I placed

She began stroking it steadily then, occasionally stopping to rub the fat head with her thumb. But if she did she made no mention of it. Placing the head between her lips, I used my hips to shove my cock in. Then, reluctantly, I got up, my soft cock making a sucking noise as I pulled it free of her heavenly snatch. Sensing she was close to orgasm, I pulled my hand out from under her ass and plunged my finger into her dripping wet cunt hole.

She began stroking it steadilyClamping my mouth down onto her

She finished washing my legs, then I let her wash my back and my ass. She has long, luscious legs I love to spread while I eat out her hot pussy.

She readily agreed, pulling her legs up onto the couch as she turned her back toward me. Grasping it lightly, she pulled it to her lips as I leaned into her.

As the pleasure swept through mePlacing the head between herSensing she was