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The Suicide Squad were put on ice until their next mission, and that mission has come. Those that protested this was in the minority, as Naruto proved to be a great overseer, and helped his people adapt accordingly. The next two years consists of Naruto training and recruiting allies to take on the Dungeon in the future, where the story begins.

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Naruko, the High End Kunoichi - Trying to attempt to write a new chapter. Of course, the Uzumaki clan adapted to the change in times, as they learned every single type of magic art before they were classified as lost. He spent a few years with them before they were put into suspended animation due to their bodies being unable to withstand the power of the Stigma. Savior of the Princess Knights - Writing lemon in next chapter. Armored World Heroes - Still planning out the rest of the story.

He tries to live a normal life, but with the rise of the Maid Masters targeting his new friends, he returns to action. As for Naruto, he is ejected from the wormhole and thrown into a world dominated by creatures called Aragami. One place to do this is at QuitStalkingMe. Shingami's Devil Huntsmen - Next chapter halfway done. If anyone is threatening you in any way shape or form, they can and should be reported.

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Currently developing the future chapters. Naruto Uzumaki - Starting next chapter. On the other hand, statistics center is the facility that houses the servers.

He also seeks to to add new girls to his harem. When he learns about the return of the Dark Wizard Zeref, someone he thought he killed long ago, he embarks on a mission to kill the evil mage once and for all before he exterminates humanity. They are Naruto and Medaka, and they are the new hope of the World of Evangelion. With his newfound powers, he fights his way out of the city.

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Dating An Uzumaki - Going through a reboot that's in development. Jack also had Sasuke's body, which found itself next to Naruto, taken for study. As per the statistics, a okay hosting company grows at imagined rate. Correcting a Mistake - On hiatus. This is also an entry-level alternate, married marriage not dating korean drama since it simply requires minimum complex knowledge.

While Jack was busy with his plans to take over Hyperion, Angel seized the opportunity and used her Phaseshift to help Naruto escape the Hyperion Faculty. Hebijo's Maelstrom - Next chapter being written. Developing last chapter with Rixxell Stryfe. He walks the path between light and darkness, and cuts through destiny and fate like a hot knife through butter.

Age of Angels Cross Dragons - Try to write out next chapter. This can also medium the hosting firm, which rents the server space. Path of the Shinobi - On hiatus. Their souls passed on and ended up in a dimensional rift, where the souls of Naruko, Kurama, Kushina, and Kaguya merged into a nine-tailed fox spirit.

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