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Ivy informed him that her father filled out the paperwork incorrectly. Quinn sent Ridge an e-mail of some jewelry pictures and the sex photo.

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He belongs to American nationality and his ethnicity is white. Bill asked Ridge and Rick to convince him why he should take their side.

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Wyatt stated any man would fall in love with Steffy because she's incredibly intelligent and beautiful. McCaffrey stopped by to investigate the validity of their marriage.

Wyatt arrived just in time to push Quinn out of the way and save Liam. Liam convinced her she's strong, and independent, and a fighter! Quinn told Steffy to tell Liam in the cabin.

Liam now starts to wonder how he's going to get his brother out of his and Hope's lives for good. Liam and Bill got Wyatt in on the plan but were shocked he quit after Rick gave him attitude.

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Steffy stated there are no conditions this time. Wyatt promised to keep his word when Liam barged in after eavesdropping outside. Stunned, Hope breaks things off with Liam again and tells him to be with Steffy, which he does. Steffy kept trying to convince Liam to go swimming in the ocean even when liam stated how cold the temperature was but they decided to go have fun. However, when Steffy found out about the marriage, she was furious because she felt that Liam had created a situation where they could never be together.


Wyatt tells Quinn that if Hope goes over to Liam's tonight she'd be dating them both which Hope's mother Brooke has done with two half-brothers. Kim is dating Ben Goldberg, and this boyfriend of her loves her very much. Liam and Ivy agreed that the marriage is only on paper and that they're still dating because they're not ready for marriage.

Wyatt, still angry at his mother for lying to him, moves in with Bill and Liam, and the three men bond. Steffy ends up in the hospital. Hope was all stressed out and Liam left after telling her he'll always be protective over her. Liam went to confront Quinn and she said it doesn't matter how the video got there.

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McCaffrey informed her that she does in fact have dual citizenship and that it wouldn't make a difference if she was married to Liam Spencer or not. She was still mad that he married her in the first place.

Scott Clifton's Instagram Moreover, he is also a proud father of his son, Ford, and flaunts him through his Instagram frequently. Scott shared the news with his fans through social media. Scott Clifton is also a singer, guitarist, dating someone right after a breakup and songwriter.

Quinn also told Hope she doesn't want her anywhere near her son. While on her way up Ajax Mountain via the gondola to meet up with Liam, Bill and Steffy arranged for the operators to stop the gondola, which does.

Quinn was thrilled for Ivy that she and Liam got married. Liam and Hope told Wyatt who talked to Quinn. Liam doesn't agree with that, pleading with Steffy to reconsider and to give their marriage another try. Wyatt is getting ready to take Hope camping again. Ivy hid to the side and eavesdropped.

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Hope awoke the next morning. Kim Matula is one of those very few. Ford made his first onscreen appearance on his father's show, The Bold and The Beautiful.

He confides in Steffy his frustration with Hope's decision to wait until their wedding night to make love. Katie insisted to Bill that he won't publish this and Bill argued with her but later agreed. When Liam and Hope try to finally have a legal wedding ceremony, Liam arrives on the back of Steffy's motorcycle drunk and sporting a tattoo.

Bill was thrilled Liam wanted to use Steffy and Liam stated she's in L. However, when he turns around, Hope is gone.