Sample Flv Files

The sample directory also contains a ClearExternalNoVol. This makes the person in the video appear to float on top of the Stage. Download the bitmap caching sample file.

After creating the mask, you place it in a layer above the flower image. To play a stream, use the NetStream class. For Application file, choose MediaPlayer. It supports lots of other file formats, too. You can see this by selecting the oval shape on the Stage.

You can watch the output as the stream plays and the connection status changes. If the software on this page won't open the file you have, it's probably because it just looks like an. This feature enables you to get a thumbnail snapshot of a given video, including sound, for display purposes. When the client wants to access low-bandwidth video, the client calls ns.

Other video encoders embed different sets of metadata, or you can explicitly add your own metadata. The frame rate at which the video was encoded.

Sample video download

This sample demonstrates how you can use a graphic with an alpha channel setting as a semi-transparent mask with ActionScript. Download the Multiline cell renderer class example files.

Alpha-enabled Video

To access data, call BitmapData. The Output window and the video in test-movie mode. Write the main client class. Get started or learn new ways to work.

FLV File (What It Is and How to Open One)Sample video download

Download the alpha video sample files. This call tells the server to look for the sample.

Set the value larger seconds for on-demand applications. Post questions and get answers from experts. For example, your application could allow users to view either high-bandwidth video or low-bandwidth video, and you might want to store high-bandwidth and low-bandwidth video in separate folders.

Streaming media files Search. For Project, choose MediaPlayer. Server-side streams do not play if the file size is less than either the configured buffer time MinBufferTime tag in the Application. If the programs mentioned above don't open your file, eset nod32 antivirus update full version double-check that you're reading the file extension correctly.

To read the metadata, you must handle the event and extract the info object that contains the metadata. In this case, the file would open not with a video player but with Logitech's webcam software. To play a stream, specify the codec before you specify the path to the stream. Capturing video snapshots. The video runs in an application window.

To build a more robust video player, see the Open Source Media Framework. Because the video file has been encoded with an alpha channel, the text instance can be seen behind the video. Different file types require prefixes and file extensions. In your main client class, attach the new class to the NetStream. You must handle these events when you call NetStream.

Alpha-enabled Video

How to open edit and convert FLV files

The gray mask graphic appears to darken the image at first. However, the setMask method of the movieClip class appears in the Actions layer of the Timeline, and puts the mask into effect.

Be sure to save the file with a new name if you want to keep your new settings. Europe, Middle East and Africa. When you test the document with the new settings, the animation is much faster. You can experiment with different settings in this file at your convenience. This tutorial provides the simplest example of displaying video for learning.

Contact us if you need to. Set the value smaller for live applications. Playing streams nested in subfolders. The video plays without sound and the Output window displays messages.

Alpha Masking This sample demonstrates how you can use a graphic with an alpha channel setting as a semi-transparent mask with ActionScript. This sample also demonstrates how data value changes are updated between the DataGrid component and cell renderer classes that allow data manipulation. The NetStream object that plays the stream on the client dispatches an onMetaData event when the stream encounters the metadata. Virtual directories let you publish and store media files in different, predetermined locations, which can help you organize your media files.

Playing media files

Handling metadata in streams. To see the full list of event codes that are available, see NetStatusEvent. CustomClient is a separate class that defines some special event handlers. This customized cell can contain a prebuilt component, such as a CheckBox component or ComboBox component. When playing a stream, set NetStream.

The following examples are for the client-side NetStream. See all solutions for enterprise. In this sample, the mask is a simple oval shape with a blur applied so that its edges are diffuse, similar to a gradient effect. This example uses the MediaPlayer sample, MediaPlayer. Managing the client buffer.

Sample video files for testing

Notice that you set the client property to an instance of the CustomClient class. In this case, the video was created with a color-key background, which was then replaced with a transparent alpha channel.