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Public - Map may be shared and found using google. Icon Size This icon size setting will be used for any locations in this layer that do not have a customized icon size setting. High resolution Poster Sized maps up to x pixels can be extracted and turned into a poster.

For more information, visit batchgeo. Set the options for your map. Data Exporting to Excel Easily export visible data on your map to an excel file. Layers are stored independently of maps and must be deleted separately. Find all points within a given distance from any location.

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At this time anybody can edit a map, so be careful with whom you share this map. Map Pin Colors and Grouping Categorize and group your markers and change the color of the pins to more accurately to reflect the data.

NatGeo Mapmaker Interactive

Upload your own marker pins to add more customization to your map. Circle Radius Meters The radius of the circle in Meters. Customize your map with your own logo. Set pre-selected filter values.

If you need any help, please use the contact form to get in touch. Automatic Address processing Geo-coding.

The live layer

This greatly improves map performance. Dynamic filters means the filterable data changes based on availability. Grouping categorizing data allows for a pin for each unique data item.

Email has been sent but may show up in a spam or junk folder. This url can be changed to something easier to remember. Use Advanced Options to add filters, add a left direction panel with a radius filter, hide certain data, upload a custom logo, or use custom markers pins. Let's give your new map a name and an optional description. They can be used to show fixed numbers, zip codes, prices, or any other data you want to see right on the map.

It's Free and you'll receive No Spam! Stroke Opacity The opacity of the Stroke Color. This is the location data in this layer.

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The address or other details can be hidden from general map viewing while still allowing locations to be mapped correctly. Categorize and group your markers and change the color of the pins to more accurately to reflect the data.

Please use the form below. Filters vary from multi-select to single select filters. Set other options if the data contains them.

Heatmap Display a heatmap. If you don't need individual location icons, disabling this might help un-clutter your map to more aesthetically display other analyses, e. Show Lines If selected, a continuous line will be drawn between all locations in this layer based on the order in which they were uploaded.

NatGeo Mapmaker InteractiveCreate a map easily map multiple locations from excel data - EasyMapMaker

The Export Data option allows data to be exported into an excel file with the click of a button. Quick Entry Rapidly plot data by entering comma-separated location data one location per line.

Prevent anyone from viewing your map by using a password protected map. Pins can be numbered when there are less than locations on the map. Add a circle radius around one or all your pins. Set Custom Map Style show.

Legacy software

Maps can be rendered by color red for hot spots based on the density of pins in an area relative to the overall number of pins. You can find directions to the nearest marker location or find your location on the map. This also allows bug fixes and features to be rolled out without anything for you to download. It is also used as the default color for location markers within the layer. Fill Color This color is used to fill in drawings e.

Create a map easily map multiple locations from excel data - EasyMapMaker

Extract maps to a medium resolution png file or pdf file. The search box can be hidden on all devices or enabled on all devices including mobile devices. Stroke Weight The width in pixels of borders and lines. Verify markers are correctly located. To change the icon for a specific location in this layer, click on the location and specific a custom icon.

Number pins on your custom map to reference them with other data. The layer will no longer be available on any maps. If you do not know the email address, please contact support. Click on Make Map and wait for address location data to be translated into latitude and longitude so it can be placed on the map. At this time, learn to type able programs you may still need to refresh the page before seeing changes locally.

Maps created with EasyMapMaker automatically work on your mobile device. MapMaker securely processes payments with industry leader Stripe. EasyMapMaker takes the work out of manually plotting multiple locations on a map. These are the layers that you have previously created. The opacity of the Fill Color.

Save the layer for changes to take effect. Clustering Cluster high-density locations. Find marker at nearest location Center map on location Add pin to search location.