Khabar Naak

Aftab Iqbal very well but i have a complain that you regular present songs of M. Your program is informative and very funny. Aftab Iqbal is host of the show along with co-host Sakhawat Naz, Amanullah and Mir Mohammad Ali who plays different character and celebritys role in every episode.

Khabarnak - Aftab Iqbal Latest Khabar Naak episodes

Khabarnak (Comedy Show) 1st June 2019

Khabarnaak is alive due to Mir Muhammad Ali if he leaves the show then Aftab Iqbal can not run the show alone. Currently the show is failing to cheer up the audience and the main reason is that co-host ayesha. Naeem Bukhari is hosting Khabarnak very wisely and efficiently rather than Mr. Eventually i visited Khabar Naak page on Facebook and saw the irresponsible posts.

This is a nice show and i hope it will become much more famed in the future. Nice program keep it up Aftab Iqbal. She has no manners to talk any one. Live with Dr Shahid Masood. In the end I have a humble request that its a family show.

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Ali or any other entertainment otherwise viewer loose their interest in program and change channel as do not have other option to get entertainment from other channel. They open their mouth without any reason to laugh.

Please arrange a good and experienced host for your show. This program is being watched by our friends families and millions of viewers through out the globe who do not understand Punjabi which irritates all of them thus damage impact of this program. Will he work on both channels at a time? Does anyone know where is Naeem Bukhari in khabarnaak show as not seen in the last few shows.

He was the great captain because he was mentally strong and he had a dream to win the world cup still people loves him and remembered him as a great captain of Pakistan team in the history. But except one thing which I do not like is that they sing Indian old songs in their program. Mir Mohammad Ali you should come with new celebrities face like Farooq Sattar. May be he is waiting for his masters order to disgrace Pakistanis for doing something that is good for poor people. Some time they have become very odd and out of their parameters and limits.

Because he knows very well that if he raises any question against them then his show will be banned. Please change your co host because her irritating gestures vulgar dressing and over acting does not suitable for such Family Show. They have absilutely no idea what the masses over here are in need of. It was the most bland and uninteresting show. Imran Khan deserves a chance and seems like the only hope this country has.

He is marshalling his team superbly compare to the former host Aftab Iqbal wittiness is shrouded with narcissistic undertones. So pleas give me the pass. Benazir bhotto sahiba etc should be found or disclosed by the inquiry committee. Anwar Maqsood is a respectable tv personality, he is a living legend! But Mr Nazeer had said it was picturized on sunil dutt and mumtaz which was wrong.

His previous role was very good. How do parents feel when lexicon like as sharaab and cigarette is uttered alluringly? You Manage and Present Programme very Well. All they can think about is the motorway and things like the bullert train. Also in the program khabar-naak the fun of politicians is made, I think that it should also be avoided.

Khabar Naak by Naeem Bukhari - Khabar Nak Famous Geo TV News Comedy Show

The Senior Sharif is totally bereft of any accumen to solve the problems of this country, has no vision what so ever and neither does he have the character to be a leader of this so called nation. Bukhari You present far better than Mr.

Before Aftab Iqbal try his level best to succeed this program and he avail it. My hat off to you that you are launching something for your area. Aftab sahab please make different dummies in your show Khabar Naak.

Khabarnak - Aftab Iqbal Latest Khabar Naak episodes. - video dailymotion

Bkz of them people are taking interest in Khabardaar on Geo news. Related Videos Khabar Naak. Khabar Naak is complete dictionary for us.

Khabarnak (Comedy Show) 31st May 2019

People see your program till Mr. Look at the face of that culprit Talal who is posing himself as a victim in fuel shortage crisis in your show Khabar Naak. Bukhari you are hosting Khabarnak very efficiently but it needs few changes in its format with new idea. He did parody of more than two hundred people in the show.

Well in next episode of Khabar Naak i will try again. The host of the program Aftab Iqbal is really a talented and well deserve personality He has a lot of knowledge about history. Well it is none of our business. Has his personal stakes in this country and is not a proven bank defaulter, gameas a bank loan evader or a corrput leader. Give me a chance and my name is Umer Sheikh I live in Faisalabad.

The popularity of any program never relies on bundle of clowns in a program but rely on sober relevant and logical comedy. He deserves the pride of performance. He spoken truth and state forward for Geo tv channel. Her way of dressing is not good. It is a national program so please desist from such shameful act otherwise it an excellent program especially the performance of Mr.

The show also has some informative sections and some funny sections but the critisizing thing of Aftab Iqbal is I embarrassing for me. Aftab Iqbal sahab you should appreciate Imran Khan instead of criticizing him.