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Phoebe constantly and accidentally ruins Mike's proposals. Rachel tries to convince Phoebe that her cute new apothecary table is a priceless antique.

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Ross realizes Carol is a lesbian by engaging in a threesome with Susan only to find himself very much left out. Chandler's plan to propose to Monica at dinner is interrupted by Richard. Joey pretends to be the owner of a Porsche whose owner left its keys in Central Perk. Ross gets upset, and tells her that he at least deserves a goodbye because of their history.

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Meanwhile, Ross and Rachel sleep together one last time before Rachel leaves to start a new life in Paris but Ross realises that he still loves her. Then they share a romantic kiss. Rachel tries to make dessert for the gang.

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Friends (season 6)

The friends reminisce about other instances when they have messed up. After a fire damages their apartment, vadakkan pattukal Rachel and Phoebe are forced to move in with their friends. List of Friends characters.

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Chandler begins his attempts to make Monica believe he isn't interested in ever settling down, however this backfires and she begins to reconsider their relationship. Ross and Jill continue their relationship, although it soon becomes clear Jill is only pursuing Ross because it irks Rachel. Ross is miserable about now having three failed marriages, but cheers up when Rachel confesses that getting married was her idea.

Meanwhile, Joey reluctantly takes a waiter job at Central Perk but is fired by Gunther when he closes the shop to go to an audition, causing Rachel to stand up for him. Elizabeth's father takes an instant disliking to Ross. Phoebe and Mike keep changing their minds about donating their wedding money to charity. Larry Joe Campbell makes an appearance as Phoebe's fan asking for her autograph and later tells Joey that he has watched all of her porn movies. Old secrets come to light when Ross and Chandler attend a college reunion party.

Monica is sick and won't admit it. At first it appears that Rachel will get to live with Monica and Phoebe will be forced to live with Joey when it appears that Phoebe's candles caused the fire.

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Joey finds keys to a Porsche and pretends the car is his to impress women. Rachel is embarrassed by Phoebe's odd running style. It turns out that in college, Ross experimented with pot, and blamed the smell on Chandler, who had supposedly jumped out of the window because he was stoned. Rachel and Phoebe see Chandler enter a car with his realtor, Nancy, and think he's cheating on Monica.

Chandler finds out that Monica never changed her last name. Use mdy dates from May Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from February All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention. Monica let the gang get her hopes up when Chandler and she fly to on adoption agency in Ohio. Joey appears on a game show. Monica and Rachel fight over who has to take Phoebe's ugly painting.

Rachel forces Ross to cancel his date with her sister. When Monica flatly dismisses Chandler's idea to turn the spare bedroom into a game room, the two get into a fight when Chandler worries that she'll still consider it to be her apartment. Rachel's sister Amy comes to visit and moves in with her and Joey. Ross jeopardizes his career when he starts dating a student from one of his palaeontology classes. Joey tries to get everyone to pay for his broken fridge.

However, as Chandler starts to broach the subject, Richard suddenly turns up at the same restaurant and the moment is lost. Deciding to continue their relationship, Ross and Elizabeth sneak away to her family's cabin, not knowing Paul and Rachel have the same idea. Janine and Joey are finally dating, only for Janine to tell Joey she doesn't like Monica and Chandler, forcing him to choose between them. Ross and Rachel deal with the aftermath of their drunken escapade.

Chandler tries to impress Monica by cleaning the apartment but forgets how everything is supposed to look. Outstanding Comedy Series. Eventually when Monica explains the situation, Rachel is distraught and seeks comfort from Ross.

Favorite Television Comedy Series. Meanwhile, Joey reluctantly takes a waiter job at Central Perk, and Monica becomes annoyed when Phoebe says she would choose Rachel over her as a girlfriend.

Joey hires a look-alike to pose as his twin brother for a medical experiment. Ross becomes paranoid when Elizabeth makes plans for spring break. When he gets his hands on the cash and returns to the store, he is dismayed to find Phoebe allowed the ring to be sold, so he tries to track it down. When Joey insults his robot co-star, he jeopardizes his future on the show.