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One of the additional screws required a change to the interior body route on the Stratocaster. The body routes on a Stratocaster. Notice the redish material the factory used to angle the neck. All other sizes were available by special order only. This saved a spray step when shooting a sunburst finish.

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The and later white pickguards do yellow a bit with age. This style of switch started with the double pickup Esquire. Finally the black pickguards were clear-coated with clear nitrocellulose lacquer top side only to give them depth and shine. But all polyester finishes are very thick and glossy compared to the early lacquer finishes.

Interestingly, Tele nail holes were moved in the early s, but are still present. The interior center pocket not only allowed cord and pick storage, but also supported the neck of the guitar. Fender used this technique into the s. Telecaster and Precision Bass keep traditional truss rod system.

Assembler reached in and grabbed one or many. Starting in sometimes yellow is used instead of white.

This material has an off-white opaque color. The serial number can only generalized the age of the instrument within a few years. Then were now inside the cavity routes, like in the truss rod rod or neck pocket route, inside the control cavity route, and inside the bridge pickup route. The interior stayed the same dark orange plush.

Only pre-October Esquires have no truss rod. Pickup screw springs are now actually real cone-shaped springs instead of rubber surgical tubing. In the Strat bridge changes to a less expesive saddle made of cast metal.

Fender changed how they sprayed a sunburst finish. One nail hole near the neck pocket on a May Fender Stratocaster. This meant Fender only had to spray two colors red and brown instead of three.

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These cases are soft, foldable bags, and are brown in color. Different than the s one-piece maple necks. They weren't managing the numbers in any way. Later jack cups are pressed steel and have smoother edges and smooth sides.

The same lacquer-coated tweed outside and bright red shag plush lining was used, but the interior pick pocket was moved to the side next to the neck. Also around the center manual latch changed positions from under the case handle, to just outside of the case handle the latch's postion could hurt your knuckles when carrying the case.

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Also shown is the difference between reissue and original slab board necks. Also by the rosewood changed from Brazilian to Indian rosewood.

For example, the Jennings case had no leather ends, and were covered in thin brown vinyl tweed with dark pressed metal corners. If you couldn't afford a hard case, this was the alternative. From to mid, the case stayed the same except now the interior was a much shorter burnt orange plush. The interior was a bright red plush shag.

DuoSonics, MusicMasters, Mustangs and other low-end models had white plastic tips, all other models had metal tips. The center wheel is still brown bakelite. In early and before, the yellow part of the sunburst was stained into the wood.

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Fender starts using different truss rod systems, depending on the model. To summarize, if the Fender instrument is later than mid, and was originally not blond in color, the body wood should be Alder! Guitars with plastic knobs Stratocaster, Jazzmaster, etc. If a post Stratocaster was ordered in blond, tips profile dating site it too would be Ash.

Other Plastic Parts pickup covers, knobs. Pickups are dipped in hot wax to eliminate microphonics, and this wax is evident on the entire pickup. Canada and Europe are perfect examples of this.

This relatively new material for the time was cheap, easy to work with, and somewhat flexible. Notice the small metal shielding plate around the pots, and the white single layer pickguard. The position of the nail holes was moved on the Telecaster only. The split shaft pot could be adjusted for variable tension against the inside of its plastic knob, and the knurling stopped the plastic knob from slipping.

The nails were still used, but now only for the drying process and were no longer needed during painting. But the switch tip for Telecasters was bakelite plastic. Put them on the instrument s. Again, see here for more details.

In either case, all original Tele switch tips have some stampings on their bottom side. If the neck set is too sharp, the strings can not be raised enough with the bridge to stop string buzz. Also available starting around to about was a brown molded form-fit case. There is now a side tuner shaft worm gear hole. Note reissue Strats also use these shields.

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But with time, the edges round only on the polystyrene covers. Brown leather ends stayed the same.