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In ancient India, an adventurous and daring man becomes involved in a decades old feud between two warring people. The rest of the story deals with how the housefly takes revenge on Sudeep.

Naan Ee masstamilan

Eega is not less than any commercial hero, at least in this film. She tugs at hearts and also acts vengeful. He used the tininess of the protagonist to good effect and there are tons of scenes that would leave you awestruck.

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The Realistic Animation is really impressive. And the sad part is most of the people even never get to know that who was the original creator.

Naan Ee Tamil mp3 songs download

Reminder Successfully Set! It's safe to say that Rajamouli's streak will continue, and will carry his name to new heights around India. The fly Eega in Telugu does not have any telepathic, telekinetic or healing powers. He has taken an insect as his hero in Eega and made the film, which is so gripping and makes the audiences to sit on the edge of their seats biting their nails. Navneet Kaur Dhillon calls her dad her rock-solid support system on his birthday.

Eega has been very well received in Tamil and Telugu as well. From outdoor locations to indoor shoots, D-Town takes fire safety seriously. It is just a common housefly but with a determination.

Here Eega is the main lead. It in a way prepares the audience for the rest of the movie. When it comes to a default Rajamouli movie there is a certain pattern that he normally follows.

Eega is tagged as ultimate revenge story and you should watch the film to know why it is! Eega makes us all proud to be a part of the Telugu Film Industry.

The subsequent attempts of the fly to deal with Sundeep, are various and creative. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city. And now Telugu cinema comes with this movie Eega Makki in Hindi its like slapping Bollywood on its face.

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That desire gets triggered when Sudeep sees Bindu, a micro artist who runs a non-profit organization. He has given wonderful re-recording, which elevates every scene. When Shiva, the son of Bahubali, learns about his heritage, he begins to look for answers.

In addition, even though I'm not into romantic movies, Eega and Magadheera from the same director and co-writer of this movie, shadow warrior pc game S. Audible Download Audio Books. Musically it has few catchy songs composed by M.

Naan Ee Tamil Mp3 Songs Download

These departments have helped Rajamouli to visualize his dream of telling a bedtime story effectively onto the screen. He has good comedy timing. He is terrific as the villainous guy and his screen presence is riveting. Particularly, if you are a fan of animation films featuring many real life characters too, then do watch it essentially by taking a leave from your office or business.

The presentation is superb and the narration is extraordinary. His other biggest victory lies in utilizing every department properly. Unreleased films strike gold at state film awards. Raima gives a peek into her upcoming films.

There are two complete songs in the movie. Learning her love towards Nani, Sudeep bumps him off. How often have you seen a film which sounds silly but makes you wonder over it? You can change your city from here.

It's about time producers moved over Sairat and explored new subjects. The animators have to rely on just body language to show all the emotions where they do an excellent job. Bhojpuri celebrities who have a huge fan base on social media.

Samantha comes up with a good performance and she looks very cute in the movie. However, Bindu is loved by Nani who keeps following her everywhere. When you pit an Eega against a man, it is absolutely necessary to choose the right villain to elevate the heroism of Eega. He made an impact with his presence and his pairing with Samantha is fresh and youthful. All in all, in spite of the simplistic story that one could have derived from the synopsis, the plot is worked out beautifully.

Rajamouli ranks among the best directors that India has ever produced. There is something to learn for other directors in Telugu film industry. His story is juxtaposed with past events that unfolded in the Mahishmati Kingdom. We have sent you a verification email. The story of Eega can be told in a simple manner.

The villain was good with his emotions and expressions. Sudeep plays the villain with such conviction that you forget he is acting. Her interaction sequences with the Eega are heartwarming.

The movie focuses on what matters to the story and never goes astray. Lalit Prabhakar gives a glimpse of his Medium Spicy character. And today when I watched it I was blown away.

Any movie can be filled with sexual scenes, nudity, perversity and such things. Sudeep is a high profile industrialist who gets whatever he wants and he has a special eye for beautiful women. First I let all you know that I am from a Hindi state utter pradesh where Bollywood rules But to be honest Bollywood is too idea less to be called a creative movie industry. Bindu is apparently distracted when seeing Nani nearby during lunch, being an unusual experience for Sudeep. Nevertheless, Eega entertains and engages throughout.

Since Rajamouli has narrated the story, everybody listens. Sudeep is a cruel guy by nature and he does not hesitate to kill. We also become aware that a fly lives a very dangerous life, feeling very vulnerable and defenseless against people who think flies are a menace to mankind. Though it is an insect, it remembers everything in its past life and wants to take revenge on Sudeep. Rajamouli throws in a healthy bunch of ideas on what all ways that a housefly can give literally sleepless nights to the antagonist well helped by accepted norm of coincidences in Indian cinema.

Naan Ee masstamilan