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Lightly revised and with updated scholarly references. That would be at the outside limit.

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If money is regarded as certificate of work done, taxes are no longer necessary. It was Oooze and Winston, who betrayed civilization. But for some reason or other we have slowly been conducted into such a state of affairs that, in the Lap of Plenty, we have agreed to starve.

Lightly revised and with updated scholarly

Somewhere in my archives is a copy of H. Naples slums, Fiat, tsk tsk. Literary Modernism and Politics. Most of the letters from Bird to Pound are from this collection.

The principal threat to European security was Communism with its doctrines of class conflict and internationalism. Italy you say elsewhere is the one country in the world that you yourself couldn't govern better than it's governed. The question is whether it shd. Amongst advanced thinkers this political binarism has substantially replaced the old one of Democracy vs Totalitarianism. He received no response to any of these initiatives.