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There are three androgynous figures with dark skins, white spacesuits and white plaited hair pointing weapons at him. What brings you to, what's this planet called, by the way? Well, it's not a flying saucer.

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High impact phason drills. Your purpose in coming here was to sabotage Dalek operations. Detector indicates truthful response. Her radiation pill timer beeps. Something fairly serious by the look of it.

Well, without reference to my Jane's Spacecraft of the Universe, I wouldn't dispute that. When they stop, the way into the Tardis is blocked by fallen stone. They go to the edge of the cliff and put down the litter. Unbeknownst to them, Agella is not dead. See, I'm terribly old-fashioned.

You are in the employ of a space power and have been sent here to spy on the Daleks. Yes, well, something of the sort. As she turns to leave, a man who has been following her blocks her path. With one basic difference, the living are very much like the dead. They witness what appear to be ragged-looking natives burying one of their dead.

Except, wouldn't you have expected him to have died of radiation first? Universal war criminals were never pleasant, in her experience. He urges Romana to try another body. The man, meanwhile, has seen the whole thing. Davros, on the other hand, is all too eager to give the Daleks the upper hand.

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Destiny of the Daleks

The Movellans want the Doctor to do the same for them, chinese dating show you are the one which the Doctor refuses to do. The Doctor is astonished to hear that the Movellans are here to wage war against the Daleks.

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Lan is left on guard outside of the Control Centre, and is shot down by a Dalek who is out searching for them. He then detonates the bombs and destroys the Dalek squad before it reaches the Movellan ship.

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He gets a bottle of pills from his pocket. Suddenly, the metal wall is broken through by three large mobile pepperpots with bad attitudes. Suddenly the clouds faded from inside the glass bubble to reveal a crinkled face, older than the law itself.

You'll understand, I'm sure. She starts to explore the rest of the building, then there is an explosion and the man who was following her enters. She runs off through the ruins. In the metal, semi-circular courtroom were various witnesses and testifiers.

The Doctor establishes that the Daleks are searching for something on a level that they have yet to access. As the Daleks approach the ship, the Doctor goes to detonate the bombs but is ambushed by a Dalek, which holds him at gunpoint. Just as the Doctor and Romana are about to investigate, underground explosions force them towards the ruins. Bomb-laden Daleks on the march. He soon comes around, and says he does not know what the Daleks are looking for.

The Doctor Who Transcripts - Destiny of the Daleks

They see a spaceship land, and find that it has half-buried itself into the ground in a valley. The spacecraft has almost completely buried itself. Oh, better than you could possibly imagine. What a real shame that this stinker was to be Terry Nation's last script for Who. The Movellans tell the Doctor that they are on Skaro to wage war against the Daleks.

He identifies himself as Starship Engineer Tyssan. The prisoner will be taken to interrogation. Something gives way up above, and part of the ceiling collapses on Agella. It is too heavy for Romana to lift alone. He advises her to wear something more sensible and stylish, and she returns in an outfit resembling his own.

The jury left and returned quickly, obviously an easy decision made. Unbeknownst to her, she is being followed. Romana post-regeneration screams for simply falling off a ledge, far worse than anything handed to Mary in the Key to Time, in episode four however, Romana tackles Movellans with gusto! The nature of our mission is secret. Well, I'll tell you when you tell me what you're doing here.

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