Unfounded and real worries

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The Internet marks the frontier

The psychosocial perspective was essential to our efforts at understanding. Researcher and university lecturer on urban issues relating to networks, technical innovation and the information society. Many people will come to think that the Internet is the answer to all their needs. Paper presented by Scott S. The psychosocial perspective of the question indicates the complex theoretical approach in which personal experience is connected with social experience, i.

It allowed us to think about the social value of objects consumed and to understand more clearly the way in which they take on meaning in the social world. Using the Internet is both a practical and an interpretive operation. The ideas and experiences presented in this book are the product of the eight winning research projects from the competition. The current official programme has had to postpone equipment delivery repeatedly, and this has led to uncertainty and scepticism in the institutions.

The standpoint of researchers Most of the theoretical and practical approaches to new media such as the Internet are encumbered by a predominantly quantitative focus, rooted in market research. For two decades after its creation in the Net was a luxury item accessible only to academic communities in the developed world. The volume also includes a description of two tools that were developed in the course of the competition.

Uca Silva Chilean communicator. Specialization in educational communication, Universidad Central, Colombia. United Nations Development Programme.

The same tension between traditional ways of exercising power and the emerging Internet culture, external to institutions, can be seen in the area of citizenship and local governance. We shall delve further into this issue in the conclusion of this book.

Doctor of Informatics University of

Much equipment was lost to theft in some of the crime-prone areas. These ideas are the central thread of the conclusion. This situation threatens the balance that should exist between the dissemination of intellectual property right to communication and culture and ownership rights over intellectual authorship.

Doctor of Informatics, University of Nice, France. The Internet marks the frontier between experience inside and outside the classroom, inside and outside the educational order. Devotes his career to action research in information sciences and natural resource management, with a special focus on social approaches to development issues, primarily in Latin America. Honours degree in communication, University of Ottawa, Canada, and master's degree in communication, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile.

Expert in the development of qualitative and quantitative tools for education research. This guarantee also includes the right to political participation through free access to information and knowledge.

The answer is probably not as much as they could, perhaps less than they would like and surely more than they think. The conceptual focus We adopted a focus that represents a meeting between the psychosocial and the cultural spheres. In a sense, these two groups make up a complex scenario that gives rise to some important questions. This hazard has its roots in the powerful and publicly accessible search engines now available over the Internet and in the availability of databases that include personal information. Specialist in the history and critique of architecture and urban development, University of Buenos Aires.

If we were to study and measure ethnic exclusion in education, we would find similar or greater inequalities. The equipment is frequently offline because of minor problems that often take months to fix.