Johan is the title character

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Yuma is an extreme extrovert, Yuna is an extreme introvert. Tavia is quieter and less confident, but very skilled with electronics and computers, acting as an able Mission Control and support for her sister. New parents - get ready for your crying babies, and then see your doctor to find out what is wrong with your baby. Unusual in that we never learn if they'd been genetically identical or not, as William is already locked permanently in his wolf-man form at the time the film is set, but they probably were.

Constantine has the aggressive cop Angela, and her twin sister Isabelle who is The Ophelia. Lampshaded by Yakou himself in his match against Yugi. They look so alike that Beckram often persuades Erdrick to take his place at boring social occasions. Health Care System Communication. It's even lampshaded near the end of the movie.

Constantine has the

Lisa was a cheerful, bratty tomboy while Lottie was a sensible, serious, prim and proper girl who behaved almost like a grown-up. Billie and Joe from The Call of the Wild are said to be as different as day and night. Specifically, Shaun is dull and conformist but successful in society, while Shem is a slovenly outcast but also an artistic genius. This becomes more apparent when Ruby cuts off her braids to distinguish herself further from her sister.

Lampshaded by Yakou

When the Pope continues to pray for Peace and there never is any Jer. Madison is calm and thoughtful, V is on a permanent sugar high and goes rushing into things with a mad grin.