Simpson, by Jeffrey Toobin

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Tonken claimed Schwimmer had demanded Rolex watches in order to appear at his own charity event, a claim that Schwimmer had denied. The television miniseries is based on the book of the same title written by historian and biographer Stephen Ambrose. The only thing believable about Schwimmer's acting is when he cowers in the face of true battle.

The six short features depict sexual harassment at work by men on women. Critics dismissed The Pallbearer as a poor imitation of the film The Graduate. And I just wanted to get out of California. We're surprised he didn't try something more challenging for his debut. He received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for the performance.

The television miniseries isTonken claimed Schwimmer had

Schwimmer initially turned down the role as Ross, but accepted later. The movie starred Michael Shannon as Richard Kuklinski.