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And then all you motherfucks are next. The result is what you'd expect. The second instance is on the set of the Bluntman and Chronic film. The orangutan herself was named Suzanne, possibly for the sole reason of allowing Smith to use Weezer's Suzanne over the ending credits. David Bowie releases his twenty-second studio album, Heathen.

Chris Rock as a movie director. While the duo is shocked to learn that they won't be getting any money from the film, they're more horrified that people on the Internet are badmouthing them and the franchise.

He has a son, Eli, with his ex-wife. After four years, Soul Asylum reunited and started writing songs in the studio.

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Though the year-old actor has been coupled up with many a blonde model, none have made him want to jump the broom thus far. Brodie is seen running a comic book store, even though at the end of Mallrats he went on to host The Tonight Show. When the engagement was broken, she dated Dave Pirner and Matt Damon for a while, but no marriages resulted from those relationships.

Buell and Steven Tyler are the parents of Liv Tyler. From that point, Hilarity Ensues as Jay and Silent Bob run from the law with a stolen orangutan as they continue on their way to Hollywood. If you didn't know that, that's ok, neither did Liv until she was a teen.

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He was also part of the all-star band assembled for the soundtrack of the film Backbeat. Mark Hamill at first hamming it up when he thinks James Vanderbeek who is really the Real Jay in disguise. Will Smith also comes back with the release of his third solo studio album Born to Reign. Yup, Paris has slutted it up with a lot of men, most of whom were musicians. It's times like these I really miss dating a lesbian.

When Pirner switched to singing and playing rhythm guitar, Pat Morley joined on drums. Most notable is the Continuity Cavalcade at the end.

Steve-Dave asks Walt to stop it. However, he has never stood at the alter. As a result, there's substantially more action and a much more expansive cast. Cut to Jay humping the window.

And of course, virtually the entire plot is the explanation for why Jay and Silent Bob had an orangutan in The Stinger of Mallrats. Suzanne the orangutan also qualifies. He is then literally having to try to fight Jay off rather than play it off as All Part of the Show. Well, in prison, he'll be the pie. Plenty of them, including several characters from past View Askewniverse films.

Mark Hamill as Cocknocker, also Adam Westing as mentioned above. Sure enough, one of them farts when they're breaking into a facility, causing the alarms to go off.