Use the movement serial number

Dating zenith pocket watches

Dating Zenith pocket watch Unfortunately the zenith movement numbers didn't run straight along the timeline and all lists you found in the net are approximations with outliers. This is probably the most common question watch collectors have. Sometimes it is easy to answer, and sometimes it is impossible. The companies are not to blame.

So to determine when your watch was manufactured, you will need to find where your serial number fits within the range of numbers. They all mean different things. Some American watch brands did not use a consistent series of serial numbers, but most of the big manufacturers did. Many have gone out of business, while others destroyed records to save space. More than ever before, the now visible oscillations bring to life the magic of a mechanical watch beating at a high frequency.

This legendary wristwatch chronometer movement equipped with a small seconds function was to earn no less than prizes. Not all vintage watches can be dated using the serial number.

This will give a good idea of the manufacture date. This enduring vibrancy cements the enduring legacy of El Primero, of which an entire collection now the name. The example below uses information from the American Waltham Watch Company, but that is just an example. You will notice that there are many numbers stamped at various locations inside and outside your watch. The Elgin and Hamilton were dated by serial number, while the Gruen was dated by an inscription on the back.

Special Series or

Here are samples of the styles that each decade offered. It looks very similar to the styly of the others. Oherwise a Diogene crownwinder for ladys would be my oldest watch made by this manufacturer. Cases and watches were often made by different companies and each usually has its own serial number. Production of the El Primero caliber could begin once more.

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His arrival coincides with a dynamic new turn for Zenith which adopts a resolutely start-up spirit and positions itself as the future of Swiss watchmaking. Major watch brands were eager to get a fresh start in this field by equipping their timepieces with this legendary movement.

But numbers even of the early movements could never been more than a hint. Special Series or calibres seems to have sometimes their own reserved number range over years.