She was the perfect female lead

Dating the undead

It's not all about

Dating the Undead is the type of book that any paranormal lover would love and I can guarantee that you would find yourself picking it up off the shelf and rereading it from time to time. Are you tired of the same old magazine, well trade in Healthy Living and Elle for Dating the Undead and get the down and dirty on how to attract that Vamp, Zombie or other un-human. If you think the cover is hot then you better wear a bib while reading this, there will be major drooling going on.

This felt just like reading a Cosmopolitan at all times, with the added benefit that the topic was the immortal man. Well look no further because Dating the Undead has all the insider secrets on all things paranormal.

She has a great way of weaving comedy into her storylines and it's one of the reasons why I enjoy her books so much. Or are you the one wishing for a Warlock, longing for a Lycanthrope or dying for a demon. Dating the Undead discusses different paranormals and the issues with some of them.

Dating the Undead kept me hooked

Or Aare you looking for a gift for that special someone, that discriminating single that knows what she wants and what she wants is Mr. Funny as hell and with some really good answers back. There is so much packed into the first book it's exciting, plenty of twists to keep the reader enthralled.

It's not all about the eye candy. Dating the Undead kept me hooked the whole way through. Overall, this book was a fun read and if you're a fan of Gena Showalter or Jill Monroe, you won't find yourself disappointing at all by reading Dating the Undead. Her character had me laughing out loud many times throughout the book, with her no filter, Witty attitude.