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See Synonyms at attribute.

The unique skill sets and talents of each physician can help patients progress quicker, more effectively, with less pain and recovery in the long-term. In this context, back may simply be used to provide emphasis, perhaps suggesting a greater step backward than the verb by itself would.

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The word chair refers to a piece of furniture. To solve this problem, set the goals of this process with your patient before referring them to a specialist. Such change is natural and usually goes unnoticed except by scholars.

Make sure the role of the final decision maker concerning administering medical advice is clarified in writing to avoid confusion, frustration or misinformation. As for refer back, the Usage Panel's position has shifted dramatically over the years. This is a huge problem for a referral network because the patient is the one who will quickly see the negative effects of guesswork when it comes to their well being. The specialist will have feedback about the patient and the process, which is completely acceptable and important.

By relying on guesswork or tunnel vision decision-making, it defeats the purpose of involving other members in a referral network. Too often do referrals get made to another physician without the proper paperwork, test results or any other notes about the patient. Now implement this process in your existing referral program, and it will ideally save time for everyone involved, most importantly for your patients.

Some doctors have a fear of appearing unknowledgeable or are attempting to keep costs down but in-actuality they are causing longer delays for their patient in the long-term. This is extremely cumbersome with patients that have an extensive medical history and need an accurate trail of information about them presented to each physician to properly prepare them. To submit a matter in dispute to an authority for arbitration, decision, or examination.

This way your organization can prove whether having an official process for referrals is improving and speeding up the process for your patients or if it is just for show. In fact, most words change their meanings over time, often to the point where their historical roots are completely obscured. This discussion about expectations must be set from the beginning to prevent any issues down the road. It is easy for a doctor to unknowingly decide against a referral to avoid the embarrassment of passing a patient along.

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