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This is particularly true for evaporated or condensed milk cans. Also established guidelines for links between foods and health related conditions. Bottles are usually on the necks, but sometimes the date is on the label. The hole-and-cap tin pretty much gone from use. The exceptions are fake beer cans made for collectors during the s.

Can Company in Cincinnati. Most beers sold in North America have a production code stamped on them. The beer cone top is very scarce. Many of the characters in The Hollywood Knights drink Olympia beer in stubby bottles. Hasker and Marcuse Manufacturing Co.

The following information can be used to help document the age of your tins. Tuna also canned successfully for the first time.

In some cases this can identify its age, but be cautious. By the Mids small seamless cans were being manufactured. Daredevil Evel Knievel was sponsored by Olympia Beer. Your tin may have graphics or text that can be attributed to a particular time period.

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Personally I think you're already looking at the best list, so stay here awhile. Knowing when these events took place and matching them to the name on the tin can help.

They were replaced by Crowntainers. Many tins marked with this usually have a date associated with its issuance. They are all fairly rare and very valuable in good condition. The construction of your tin may also provide clues to its age. This process can turn out to be both fun and personally rewarding.

It depends on the individual can, some are very common and some are rare. Most of the time, the tin will not have a date marked anywhere on it, and that's where some detective work on your part is required. Advertisers tended to use the most modern fashions on their labels. Output per man is now a thousand per day. This permitted better blending of colors on labels.

This was an attempt to take Olympia nationwide. Hand-soldered seams - Globby, irregular bands of lead solder along edges and around top, cap, and base of can. Until the s Machine-soldered seams - Bands of lead solder much thinner and more-evenly applied. The circular tops and bottoms were cut out with shears, and soldered to the body with the aid of a zinc chloride flux.

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