It could be an interesting change

Dating in your 30s bad

And starting this year

You simply have more to work with. Somewhere after being a student ends and being a man begins, we shift our focus.

And starting this year, I had to make a conscious effort to take a step back from driving to the suburbs every weekend and actually put the effort into finding a partner. What worked for you then is probably not working for you now. So I usually decide pretty quickly if I see a future with the guys I date. So, I moved four hours away for a new job.

It was a time of trying new things and exploring. In fact, what she used to see as your strengths have now become weaknesses.

Not everyone is equipped to do that. You need to have something to show.

What worked for you

The point is that confidence comes from knowing where you are and what you bring to the table, and owning it. There was something about that sense of discovery in life and mutual fear of the unknown that served as the best way to connect. The cards we play have changed, and the strongest hand at the table in this new game has nothing to do with bluffing. The emphasis was more on being unphased by the impending pressures and less on looking like you had a perfect road map.