He believes Erin likes him

Dating in the dark us season 2 episode 6

Erin again helps the sisters as they discuss the possibility of turning the book into a movie. John tells his daughter that love does not always happen like you want it to happen. He wonders whether Ben will receive all the profits if he assumes all the debt. Andrew March replaces Rev.

On Sunday Jason brings the

Mary Ellen later finds the small Christmas tree and wants to decorate it. Elizabeth repeats the lines from First Love by John Clair but by the time she finishes has fallen in love with Andy. But as a remembrance he will leave a gift in the tree where they first kissed. Verdie Foster meets Olivia where they discuss their feelings about waiting for loved ones to return from the war.

John mentions that the Guthrie Coal Mine provided a boom to their local economy until the coal prematurely ran out. Elizabeth does not like her grandmother going out on dates.

They talk about ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends, why Andy decided to become a minister, and why Elizabeth earlier wanted to be a writer, but now is thinking of becoming a missionary. He invites her to dinner and dancing in Charlottesville.

At the movie

At the movie theatre the manager stops the news clip to inform the audience about the attack in the Pacific Ocean. On Sunday, Jason brings the Sunday paper to his father who will be babysitting while the family attends church. When Ben informs his father about joining, John asks what will happen when the war ends.