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This revival, a five-day-a-week strip, lasted only one year. Barris writes with a raunchy punch and his brazenly honest confessions make him in Side-splittingly hilarious.

Chuck Barris is pictured in with his ex-wife, Robin Altman. Chuck Barris sold his shares of Barris Industries, Inc. Especially Drew Barrymore was a lot better than I had expected. And he goes to the Friars Club, where a door has his name and a star on it, even though it's the door to the manager's closet. He headed west to produce daytime programming in Los Angeles before quitting to pursue his knack for game shows.

Of course without the interesting story and the good acting by all of his main actors Clooney wouldn't have been able to make this movie. When ambitious nobodies get a notion the wings of their imagination can fly it to incredible heights. The show continued on-and-off until with the original premise, a single woman or man whittling down three mystery contestants for a date. The same question could be asked to multiple bachelors. Maybe I'll give that a shot.

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Like him or not, the man was a real entertainer. The film flip flopped at the box office.

Times staff writer Steve Marble contributed

Times staff writer Steve Marble contributed to this report. He has added a nice surreal tone to this movie which makes it even harder to understand whether all this really happened or not. The surprising thing is that it is a very funny book with the type of humor you would expect from someone like Woody Allen. One more attempt at reviving an old game show that was not his own originally resulted in an unsold pilot of the s-era game Dollar a Second, hosted by Bob Eubanks. Withouth them this movie wouldn't be the same and might even have been awful to watch.

The one-liners alone are more than worth it. Years later, she was found dead in a Hollywood apartment. In one picture, taken during the period when, in the book and movie, he lived in a hotel as a hermit, he lies in a well-decorated party room watching a basketball game with John Cassavetes. It's just middle-of-the-road greatness.

Even though he could be found more behind than in front of the camera, he still proves to be a talented actor. The last was his most successful program other than a game show. The Gong Show was the four best years of my life. But his shows became must-watch programming in America. Stranger things have occurred.