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Dating barley twist furniture legs

In older pieces this was very uncommon, because it took away the strength that made the column structural in the first place. In fact, all of the early barley twist furniture was hand carved, too. Look at how large it is compared to the people in the bottom left of the picture. Image courtesy of shopdfo.

This style datesBefore long people

This style dates back hundreds of years. Before long, people were using the barley twist as an ornamental feature, instead of a structural one. This canopy is made of carved bronze and sits over the high altar in St.

As soon as mechanical woodworking tools started to be developed a couple of centuries ago, a technique was developed to turn pieces of wood on a lathe and carve the curves in as the wood turned. Image courtesy of canterafurniture. Image courtesy of antiques. That must have taken such planning and patience to plan out before the carving even began. Image courtesy of diningchairs.

Those phrases tell you it's later than the midth century. Image courtesy of housetohome. They're just different and must be judged on their own merits. Image courtsey of woodworking. Nevertheless you can still find Solomonic columns in architecture today.