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The mission of the consortium is to support long-term forms of cooperation that benefit the faculty, staff and students of the five colleges. This green space bursts with fields, woods and wetlands and contains trails ideal for those with a taste for walking through lovely natural areas. Covenant was first set up in Pasadena, California in but switched locations to St.

Create an album that reflects your personality. The project will also increase costs savings for students by allowing them to access Open Educational Resources that reduce the need for textbooks. Liberal Arts, Business and Criminal Justice. Plus, the beach borders the magnificent Puget Sound, which is ideal for kayaking.

Wherever you are going don't leave

This splendid, multi-hued stone building is apparently one of only a handful of sided structures on the planet. Arrange dates in the capital at our singles events. That said, the abundance of greenery is only one reason to visit the acre campus.

The college itself was set up in in Worcester, Massachusetts as a Jesuit institution, and it still maintains its religious affiliation today. Then in it took on its present title. Bye bye routine, hello surprise. The Neo-Gothic tower rises above the landscape and acts as an attention-grabbing focal point, especially when its carillon of bells begins to chime. The university itself was set up in in Los Angeles, where it still resides.

Meanwhile, eye-catching architectural features like the colonial Georgian-look Harkness Chapel also amaze. The towered, architecturally eclectic centerpiece, Fenwick Hall, was reconstructed following a blaze in the early s. Made from concrete and steel, and decorated with brightly colored stained-glass windows, Burns Tower was the work of architects Howard G. Arguably among the most alluring campus sights is Langstroth Cottage, constructed in and once home to beekeeper L.

The work of Texan architect

The work of Texan architect Alfred C. Wherever you are going, don't leave without knowing where to go and who to meet. Shared academic and cultural resources are the primary initiative of the consortium.