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Like you, he should be going through his No Contact plan and focusing on self healing and becoming a better boyfriend for you. Arrange dates in the capital at our singles events.

Describe your ideal match in one sentence. Trust should be earned by your ex boyfriend, not freely awarded to him. The urge to connect with you is so strong he will often ignore his better judgement and send you text after text, hoping and preying you might respond.

He may be really wanting you back, but is afraid to say it outright. It means that he currently sees the breakup situation as permanent. He wants control, maybe far more than he deserves.

Be natural, honest and spontaneous. It is better to stick to your plan and keep doing those things you should be doing as outlined in your No Contact Plan of a Action. Maybe you have moved on, but he has not fully accepted that yet.

Jumping right back into a toxic relationship, one in which neither of you have solved the core problems, is just asking for more trouble. The girlfriend will be crushed because he ended it or perhaps they both agree to give each other some space. Come and meet singles near you at one of our vibrant and informal Match nights. If your ex does want you back you will find that the frequency of texts he keeps sending will be high and he will spend a lot of time checking up on you via your friends, family and social media too.

Trust and safety Ensuring the safety of our clients is our top priority. An ex-boyfriend can send this kind of text at any point during or after no contact. Generally I find that an ex-boyfriend will be more cautious about wanting to get back together and will start by making small talk and then say they need to talk to you.

Or your ex boyfriend might have an evil streak in him and is just jerking your chain. The only way for him to reconcile this disbelief in his mind is to text you, hoping to get a clue somehow about whether you still have any lingering feelings for him. Basically he wants to see if he is moving on faster than you. He may be warming up to the idea of reopening the communications channel.

The last thing you want to do is have a rebound with your own ex boyfriend. Your boyfriend may be hungry for your body and you too might need that fix. There are other reasons too, but that is often the main driver of his behavior.

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