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Dandelion dating sim jihae girl's day

He was still betterNow her once

Now her once quiet life is about to change as she shares her home with these strange men. He was still better than her emotionally abusive mother, though.

All of the guys except Jihae, and to a lesser extent, Jiyeon. Jihae's the only one out of the five who gets a paying job not long after he becomes human, although he wasn't trying to get one he is just that pretty. She lives in fear, always trying to gain her moms love and acceptance. Jieun at a couple of times in his route.

When Jieun lets Jihae go under the belief that he is too dependent on him and keeping Jihae from his own happiness, Jihae tells him how proud he is that he has grown into such a kind person. Jihae does it in the more traditional way on your dates with him at the beach. Usually the main female character isn't ugly. Try wearing a bikini while at the beach with Jieun.

Jihae's lover, in response to the awful treatment she received as a result of the kingdom hating him. Jieun's over the top royal coat stands out among the rest. Despite his haughty appearance, Jiwoo adores trashy romance novels. Lampshaded by Heejung during the naming cutscene where she questions out loud if their names are too similar and whether it might be confusing or not. He's even called out as such by Jiwoo.