She gives him Kathy's whereabouts

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Ratcliff left the role in after press stories began circulating about her private life. However, Phil denies this, saying that he had broken a bottle of alcohol earlier, and Tracey backs him up. When Linda returns from Watford, Fi is annoyed when Linda gives Tracey her job back without consulting her.

This implies Tracey no longer runs a flower stall. She has also featured in a few minor storylines. Despite featuring on the television programme frequently and occasionally having a line to say, her surname and most of her details are unknown. Chris is obsessed with Tracey and with Jane Slaughter, who plays her.

Tracey decides to take Roxy to an unfair dismissal tribunal, so Roxy says she will audition a new barmaid, giving Tracey a chance but making sure she loses. The next day, Tracey is present when Ronnie Mitchell Samantha Womack is arrested on suspicion of Archie's murder, and looks shocked. She gives him Kathy's whereabouts.

Her existence is largely to provide somebody to man the bar while one of the main characters resolves disputes, arguments or disagreements, or tends to the main plot of the episode. It was written by Christopher Reason and done so well. For someone who never says anything, she suddenly had an opinion about everything, which I just loved. The day after, he returns her knickers to her publicly over the bar. Her stall is regularly robbed by new characters who steal flowers for people they are meeting.

She fills his bag with cash but Phil takes it off her. Business consultant Fi Browning Lisa Faulkner advises that the pub is overstaffed and suggests two members of staff need to go. An upset Tracey runs from the room after Woody sacks her. Tracey suggests a curry night, and Roxy is happy to leave Tracey in charge of it, saying it is the most she has ever heard her speak. Eight months later, Tracey welcomes another old friend back to Walford as she greets Peggy, when she rides around the square in a milk float.

Sam knocks Tracey out with the crowbar and drags her, unconscious, into the bathroom, locking her in. Following that, Phil pressures Tracey into talking about her feelings, supposedly for him, mentioning her husband in the process.

Phil flirting with TraceyLetitia Dean and Gillian Taylforth are

Phil, flirting with Tracey, tells her that her husband will not mind. Letitia Dean and Gillian Taylforth are also original cast members, but have taken long-term breaks from the show. During her four years on-screen, the character contends with a phantom pregnancy, marital breakdown and finally insanity. Fair play, she did mumble it a bit and it was so unmemorable that I've forgotten what it was she actually said but it was a line nonetheless. She then informs Ben he needs to tell Phil that the bailiffs are looking for him and want to repossess his car.

That was very memorable because everyone was so supportive. As well as being a barmaid, Tracey owns a flower stall on Bridge Street market.