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It is a massive, substantial structure which has defied the centuries. He had the same springy gait, and looked as fresh as the daisies he had stuck jauntily in his alpine hat. It is in the style of the Lombard churches of Italy. It was with the greatest difficulty he could nail back the lid, using my new Rigi-Culm hair-brush as a hammer.

Peter's Square and I was struck

Peter's Square and I was struck by the fact that there seemed to be almost no one there. Early the next morning we started out sightseeing, but soon found that to do Zara and her antique treasures anything like justice we should have had a week instead of a day.

It has seventy-two arches, and, except in size, is similar to the Colosseum at Rome, of which it at once reminds you. It seems that one stormy night two pious fishermen, having lost both sail and oars, called upon heaven for aid, when about to be engulfed by the waves. There was a rattle of chains, and the sudden commotion on board consequent upon getting under way. It will take many years, probably the rest of my life, to reflect fully on this day. As it was very warm in the sun, we decided to go back to our shady deck-chairs on the Brioni, after paying a visit to the famous Temple of Augustus in the center of the town.

Not daring to trust it to the tender mercies of the Dienstmann, John had to carry it himself. Well-sheltered harbors afford a climate so mild that the lemon and orange trees are said to thrive all the year round on the island without protection. But it is the inner side of this gate which is particularly interesting. John, in desperation, had explained, in vain, that the box contained only one small mirror, some postcards, and inexpensive souvenirs.

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There is no question as to the great antiquity of the opanka. But one day I had an experience I did not soon forget. We had not heard of it, but noticed it in passing. Obviously it also highlighted the need for the Church to find more powerful ways to reach out and to connect with the everyday lives of people. Every moment we thought certainly some one would be knocked off the swaying steps, which were as steep and narrow as a Holland staircase, and which lurched horribly.

Lussin-grande boasts a number of charming walks beautified by rocky terraces. Above its tall central archway is a fine Venetian lion who looks down proudly from his post of honor upon the humble folk coming and going below. When we saw the group who had settled themselves for the night just outside our cabin door, I confess I feared we would be kept awake by their chatter.

Donato is now a museum filled with antiquities. It was only a small box, but it occasioned us an amount of expense and trouble out of all proportion to its size.

Some Protestants, many of them Orangemen, tried to prevent open displays of Catholicism in a city that was three-quarters Protestant. Nothing could be more picturesque than the view of the pretty harbor as we came up the bay. But, unfortunately, a lack of time prevented us from authenticating the fact upon the spot. There is an old tower left of what was once the city wall. The obstinate fellow only rowed us the more quickly into the darkness, and, willy-nilly, we soon found ourselves at the steamer.

We were informed that it has been in its present ruinous condition for more than four hundred years, which certainly speaks well for its ability to resist time and the elements. Ruts worn in the stones by chariot wheels are plainly visible, as in the streets of Pompeii. Donato is sufficiently aged to inspire our profound respect. Fifty years ago, one the opening night of the Council, thousands upon thousands of people came to St.

This is but a poor initial attempt. Notwithstanding the man's behavior, he had the insolence to ask for a tip, but John refused him a single soldo. Eufemia is duly set forth, in black and white, as they well know.