Cyrus spencer glitch dating

Cyrus spencer glitch dating

But he does tell Eliana and Cyrus that they are both strong performers. She tells Cyrus he's been so lucky because he hasn't gotten a contemporary routine yet.

Cyrus had a tough time during Vegas Week while Feliciano sailed through it with ease, conquering each style. He says the pair's personalities were on fire during the performance. Guest judge Kenny Ortega praises Tyce for the routine, telling him that he could imagine an entire number staged around that piece on a Broadway stage.

Nigel also says that he hopes to watch Cyrus grow on the show if the viewers vote to keep him in. He tells Cyrus that he still has to connect the dots and make the dance flow better instead of just standing there and waiting for the next move. Nigel tells Cyrus that he needs to lower his shoulders because he's very tight up there.

Guest judge Christina Applegate tells them it was fantastic, entertaining, and perfectly fit for the both of them. Nigel praises the choreographers for helping Cyrus get through it and getting him to do lots of lifts. Guest judges Michael Nunn and Bill Trevitt explain how they're a bit of an advantage because they had never seen the original routines. Mary tells Cyrus that she too would've been shaking if she got the jive and she was him. Nigel praises Cyrus for the fact that even though all of his friends who auditioned with him are not here anymore, he's continued to fight to make it through.

She praises Cyrus, telling him he's got an extraordinary heart.

This week's theme required

Mary praises the pair for the joy, the love, and the life they brought to the routine. This week's theme required dancers to perform past routines by Mia Michaels.

Mary praises the pair for the