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Next you will want to plan your season using principles of periodization-the ebb and flow of the training program. Each section of the course typically lasts no longer than a handful of seconds.

Nine of the brands brought their latest and greatest to the mix. In comparison to cross-country mountain bike events, terrain is smoother.

In this series of four articles, Mike Birner will guide your training through a successful cyclocross season. We hope this simplifies your path to a new race rig. Cyclo-cross bicycle A Focus cyclo-cross bicycle Cyclo-cross bicycles generally resemble road racing bicycles.

Also, include some light running so that your cycling muscles will adapt to stresses off the bike. Cyclo-cross-specific frames differ with their wider tire clearances, knobby tires, cantilever or disc brakes, and lower gearing. But if a cush ride is your top priority, there are others waiting for you.

Well, assuming you attended them. Try to break down each of the problems and determine the proper time and method to eliminate them. This not only allows a standard length course to fit in a relatively small area, but also forces competitors to constantly change speed and effort. The first cyclo-cross bikes were touring-type road bikes, used for their cantilever bosses, slacker angles and wider tire clearance. And perhaps you made a list of what you felt your strengths and weaknesses were, as well.

But keep in mind that nearly every one of the bikes on test is available with different component spec, at higher and lower price-points. Canyon makes eight sizes of the bike, which is remarkable, so if you do your homework you can likely find the perfect setup. Sections are generally linked together, or long straights broken up, with tight corners.