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Known crazy lady Fisher had a few zingers but seemed sort of lost. Plus, George Takei finally got to put Shatner in his place.

With that said, his body of work and offscreen shenanigans makes him an ideal target. Seth MacFarlane, who is really built for this and loves it when roasters shred him.

She then proceeds to make fun of everyone on stage with vulgarity and hilarity. While Fawcett and others stumbled, Shatner waited for his rebuttal and then absolutely killed it. Giraldo and Leachman definitely take the prize for being the funniest roasters. Jon Lovitz was uncomfortably bad and his style comes off ancient compared to the rest of the comedians.

Farrah Fawcett and Greg Giraldo were still among the living. Seth MacFarlane took the helm as Roast Master. Anthony Jeselnik only did two roasts, but he owns them. He had trouble finding a tuxedo that changed sizes every three hours.

Even Republican presidential candidate Donald Drumpf has been roasted. Of course, hookers, drugs, and public squabbles changed the conversation and as Slash ripped on a guitar Sheen took the stage to take his medicine. Whitney Cummings killed it. New talents were being discovered, old talents were getting to rebrand themselves, and America learned to love Betty White again.

With that said