After the Final Rose in March

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Chris then went on to reveal a couple examples of how Arie's behavior has sparked backlash from Bachelor Nation and critics everywhere. He parlayed his profession as a sports reporter by portraying his real life profession in many televisions shows and films like Showtime, Bounce and Practice. The season of the well-known show Who Wants to be a Millionaire was also hosted by him.

His distinct voice has made it easy for producers to hire him for television roles and hosting jobs. Chris was seen a lot with Kelly Sarac after the divorce. Before the divorce, Kelly was married to Tommy Sarac. Top Videos of the Day The host noted that there's one contestant that is not there for the right reason and the new bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, smartly noticed it and got rid of him right away. This is not the first time that a contestant joined the show to gain recognition and to hopefully get a project or two after appearing on the hit show.

Unless you're doing it on purpose, just stop. Socially, Chris is a very famous person, and we can see that with his rising popularity on Twitter and Instagram. Chris lost half of his property after the divorce as he had to hand it over to his wife. They dated for a year before getting married.

Chris once introduced her as his girlfriend. Lauren just celebrated her bridal shower in late August. He also worked as music show host on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.