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Granted, some women will say yes to a text date, but they will always prefer if you call them. They may have gotten on the phone. Also, as two adults, you need to have an actual voice-to-voice conversation.

Texting is not an excuse to be rude. You will not discover whether you share a true connection with someone by conversing with them via text message.

One drawback of texting as with any written form of communication is that it is sometimes difficult to convey the tone of what you write. Just because you texted someone, doesn't mean they're going to respond. Most of the time you're going to be pleasantly surprised, but all of the time you're going to get your answer. Words are often misinterpreted.

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Let the post-date recap settle down on both sides. Texting is the chicken way to blow someone off, whether you ever intended to see them again or not.