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Bree Essrig learned the tricks and skills of acting, writing, and film-making at this place which she now puts into practice on her YouTube career. Zimbio Bree with Steve Zaragoza The years-old beautiful actress is said to be in a relationship with her co-host Steve Zaragoza. Girlfriend It was rumored that Steve Zaragoza is in a relationship with fellow internet personality, Bree Essrig after his divorce with his wife, Sara Zaragoza. She took the reign from Ross Everett who was hosting the show before her.

He was previously a writer for the channels and made several appearances in videos. She is an American actress, writer, and Youtuber. Many of her videos are advice videos which are meant to correct the myths and injustice associated with these social problems.

They also hangout which although may not give anything could be a pointer to the fact that the rumors may have been true at some point. He has a channel where he performs a unique style of comedy. She is currently a host on the YouTube channel SourceFed and is popularly known for her comic writing.

Her upbringing was also in Los Angeles. It was obvious that Bree Essrig was also naturally inclined in the line of acting. Ross Everett was introduced as the seventh on-camera host, after spending time as a writer for the series. Since then, SourceFed has debuted new additions to the channel's lineup.

Both parties have said nothing as to reasons behind why they got divorced and have never talked about it. The channel became defunct shortly afterwards.

Bree Essrig has a film background since her father also used to work as an actor. She is also a director and writer. Hence she took up further training in filmmaking from the prestigious Idyllwild Arts Academy. She condemns bullying, abuse, sexual assault, and stigmatization of mental ailments. Bree Essrig has also done a number of prank shows and live stunts which include marriage proposals gone wrong, terrible flirting, and defecating on park benches.

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Episodes of the series were presented in a comedic daily newscast format. Steve Greens went on the marry Nikki Limo.

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Both parties had been posting pictures of each other social media platforms. Here are interesting details about the professional and personal life of this YouTube personality. Her relationship with SourceFed began in when she joined them as a web host. This action received backlash from viewers and former hosts. He is popular for his work on the new series SourceFed, which he initially joined as a recurring host and with time, developed into a full-time co-host.