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And worst of all, you made Nancy and I resent each other. And I mean that in strictly the most clinical and professional sense possible with no emotional, intimate, sexual or any other undertones that you could possibly infer.

This is the Catalina Wine Mixer. Um, I want you to know that tonight am gonna pleasure myself to the image of you doing that to Derek. All sound files are for educational, research, criticism, or review for movie purchase purposes. Opraha, Barbara Walters, your wife, you gotta bleep one, marry one, kill one.

ALFA-Boats n Hoes (CoveR).mid Musical Notes DistributionBoats and Hoes Step Brothers Soundtrack by letfever

And now that is all wrecked. Did you touch my drum set? We go on riverboat-gambling trips.

We do it because we love you. And I, again, you know, you're doing great, man.

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Boats and Hoes Step Brothers Soundtrack by letfever

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You could just live there. But if you don't change your face, I'm gonna change it for you.

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Boats N Hoes

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