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Colors are vibrant enough and the white balance setting spot on, although you can adjust this in the settings if you feel otherwise. Pictures are either under- or overexposed more often than not, but it settles down when nighttime truly rolls around and it can show off its admirable low-light performance.

One thing that's missing and shouldn't be, however, is the option to turn off the irritating shutter sound. The basic structure remains the same.

If you move slowly through the app drawer, for instance, you'll see a subtle transparency effect applied while one grid is in the process of usurping the other. Strangely, continuous autofocus when recording p video works dreamily. The phone comes preloaded with the Amazon Appstore to find and install Android apps. These modes worked as promised. None of these are unwelcome touches, but they don't combine to make the Leap anything more than indistinctive.

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Now, if you're supplied a Leap as a work phone, you're probably not going to care all that much about filling it with apps. It hardly ever fidgets, instead transitioning smoothly from one focal point to another. That being said, the new Leap is at least a stark change from the two touchscreen BlackBerrys that came before it. That's to say it's solid as a rock, to the extent that the body won't flex or twist, even under considerable pressure.

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Like all cameras, the Leap's main shooter does its best work in favorable lighting conditions. Still, the range of apps available through both of these combined is nothing compared to Google Play or Apple's equivalent. In the twilight hours, the camera struggles to pick the appropriate settings.

It makes no sense to upgrade to the Leap, in that case. We try to find out in our review. Gaming performance doesn't leave much to be desired, either. Beyond the usual buttons and holes, BlackBerry's added some subtle accents here and there. Not having access to my favorite Google Play titles, and not seeing much in the BlackBerry World store, I've sought out graphically intensive games available on Amazon's Appstore.

The phone also offers gesture based advanced interactions that uses sensors of the device to detect actions and perform tasks. Videos captured with the rear camera in good lighting conditions was pretty impressive. In addition to being able to view this information, you can also add calendar appointments and send messages from the client without touching your phone.