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This contradicts his other appearances

The show lacks continuity for the most part, as many episodes end with characters killed, exiled, or stuck in a situation. However, as the time passes, he gradually adapts to the new life, and even grows to care for Billy and Mandy, if only somewhat. Despite this, he retains a love-hate relationship with the two and desires to eventually break free from his servitude. Hoss says it was on his list which it was suddenly the shattered glass go back to the ceiling and repairs it self. The Trepanation of the Skull and You, it centers around Billy and Mandy prototype versions discussing trepanning with each other.

Hoss gives up, but Mandy will not allow it. On the subject of that matter, in Underfist, Hoss is said to have fallen into depression after the break up. In the end, Mandy drills Billy's head, causing him to pass out after too much blood loss even though he says he feels great.

This contradicts his other appearances after the breakup, as he was perfectly okay with it. Eris yells for Hoss and flirting won't work this time. In each episode, an Evil Con Carne short was put between two Grim shorts.

The pair also use Grim's enormously strong supernatural abilities or ties with a number of beastly characters to achieve goals or desires for themselves, often with twisted results. Characters sometimes display an awareness of some events from previous episodes, but there are no clear character arcs or coherent plot lines tying the show together. Hoss mistakes them for ghost and fires at the before Mandy stop him. The same thing happens again. Eris levitates Billy by asking him what's he up to.

Just then Hoss Delgado crashes through the roof.

Eris yells for Hoss and flirting

Meanwhile, Billy meets up with Irwin and the same thing happens to them when the balls they let out go back inside the cage. Trivia The store, CostMo, is a parody of Costco. Irwin and Billy poorly disguise themselves as a grown man to distract Eris only for them to ruin it. The show's main characters. The short-lived Evil Con Carne show was cancelled once the already-produced season had aired.