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Nate is never ready for the picture when it is his turn. Nate, Teddy, and Francis headed off, where they saw drawings on a display case. They congratulated Artur, who walked by them and headed to art class. They also re-perform their song afterwards, and Chad is featured in the performance this time. Fifth Grade In fifth grade, Nate had a field trip to an aquarium.

Nate Teddy and Francis headed off

Nate happily proceeded to his desk. They also have very similar personalities.

When Gina peered over to see what he was writing, she became furious, screaming and earning herself a detention from the librarian, Mrs. The latter achieved it by roughly stamping upon Nate's foot and rendering him unable to play for his team. When Nate heard this, he flipped over his test, and saw that there were more questions on the back. Nate ended up getting a detention.

Nate is never ready

She is or was Nate's love interest. Nate enjoyed the idea at first, but when he told Francis and Teddy about it, they brought up that Dee Dee's party was on the same date. Nate is best known for causing mayhem, awkward moments, and getting himself in detention over and over and over again. Trudy asked Lindsay if she could bring Nate along too, and Lindsay agreed. He leaned over the sink counter to wash his face, but water stained his shorts.

Afterwards, they continued against several other teams, and won every time. Randy was confused, and Nate lured him to his locker, and opened it. Nate baby picture When Nate was three years old, he asked Santa for a pink tricycle for Christmas, which Nate's dad constantly reminds him about. The two of them are worst enemies, though it is possible they have feelings for each other deep down.

This enmity increases after the P. Nate called up Teddy and Francis to see how Dee Dee's party was, only to find out that it was the best party the two had been to. He went in to the locker room, when he realized there was bean juice all over his mouth. Godfrey, teach the class, but Nate believes that he is just memorizing useless facts that will never benefit him. Nate thinks his older sister, Ellen, is obnoxious.

He later took out a list of all of Mrs. He is also an amazing sportsman. Kindergarten When Nate turned five years old, he attended kindergarten at P.