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An all-black area will appear. This does not work for the pistols, rifles, or thrown weapons. Go up the stairs to find more body armor. Repeat this to get a large amount of money.

There will be a basketball court with a basketball in the middle. Instead, look around the bar and close to the bridge will be a drink machine. Find a save point that is close to a betting shop. If you lose the game, just use the cue stick to hit the person who just took your money to death.

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You can jump on the big stage with the srtipper. Climbing trees To climb a tree, find a ledge that will allow you to jump to the branches at the top of a tree. Kill everyone there and try to get a two or three star wanted level. Kill everyone until you have four stars on your wanted meter. This only happens in very rare circumstances.

If you do not have a gun out, they will try to beat you with their nightsticks. If you pot the white ball by doing this, it freezes your game. Everyone will crouch down into a fetal position. Hitman status with the pistols will allow duel wielding, faster firing, improved accuracy, lock-on range increased and faster strafing. After the initial mission, go to the Verona beach area on the south part of the map near the ocean.

Easy weapons in Los

About every three minutes, look at your stats and examine the Gang section to find that the Vagos or the Ballas have gained a territory. You can use this available shotgun to reach Hitman status with. Go to any enemy territory and start a gang war by killing some enemy gang members. Go to the building with the parachute. When it is done saving, your turf will no longer be under attack and it will still be yours.

Easy weapons in Los Santos Drive around and hit Ballas. Make sure you have at least bullets or more. Park there and within seconds prostitutes will approach.

Afterwards you can see the race. Continue shooting until your armor level becomes low or is gone.

However, if you nudge the edge of the building, the Caddy will spin and flip like crazy. Walk up to him and press Triangle to play a game of pool. As they have the casinos ready for you, kill all guards and be done.

The complex can only be entered by jumping the wall, going through the boxcar warehouse, or by an opening to the right of the warehouse. If you are in an aircraft, a Hydra will go after you to shoot you down. Walk towards the back of it, and you will see that there is a building connected to it. When you lose, reload your last saved game. Press Square to roll the ball along your shoulders.

Walk into the one closest to the corner. You will know he is a drug dealer because if you face him, he will try to do business. When you hit the ground, you will get a very large insane stunt bonus.