The team is off to an start

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If he plays similarly, the sea mammals will outlast and overcome a presently inept Oakland team. Their offensive line is miserable to begin with.

Gang Green lays siege upon Cleveland's Tyrod Taylor, sacking him three times. After about minutes or so of smooth flying, the Jets suffered every conceivable malfunction, and and one particular episode of an employee's piss poor behavior. For Jets fans, it's like Week One never happened.

But six points screams confidence coming off Philadelphia's recent loss. Offensively, a bad Giants offensive line just got worst as they lose starting center Jon Halapio to a broken leg. Among the charges brought by Norfolk against Minaya were his apathy towards the club. Because of the time zone difference Las Vegas games usually start right after Mets games, which I'll continue taking full advantage of next season.

This in turn compromises their ability to effectively control breaking pitches. They're playing the Bills. Perhaps that loss snaps the Eagles out of last year's frame of mind and into Sunday's game.

After about minutes or so

Tannehill played a very efficient game against the Jets last week. After all, he is still readjusting to a new team and system.

Taylor would exit the game after suffering a first-half concussion. Aaron Rogers can only perform so many miracles with that cranky knee. The Browns raise eyebrows when they play Pittsburgh to a tie.

Gang Green lays siege upon Cleveland's