Original case in great shape

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Very nice condition with no rot, an excellent playing and sounding Bach Bb cornet. It was repadded and corked by Robb Stewart and has quite a nice sound. These are a blast to play, basically the smaller tenor bell is used to throw the sound in a different direction and give a color change. One of the nicest tenors that has come into the shop in a while.

It may not be the most exciting instrument these days but these horns are still very good and very solid. They have the ideal blend of vintage and modern traits and I think are the pinnacle of what makes a Conn trombone great. Some normal wear and tear cosmetically. Good condition with some minor contact wear. This is a very nice playing instrument.

The one included with it is the one that was played by the current owner who hails from the Las Vegas professional scene. It is a terrific playing alto, predictable intonation and a unique and wonderful true alto sound. It appears to be in factory fresh condition and includes the original case also in great shape. Its spent most of its life here in Los Angeles and has many years of use left.

He used it a lot, as you can see from the patina on it. You'd be hard pressed to find a more beautiful trombone than this one. Plenty of good NetflixOriginals coming this September to Netflix. Interestingly, this particular trombone has a tuning slide incorporated in the slide.

He used it a lot