He likes crispy pork bacon

Bacon dating

As with Bumble, if you match with someone, you have a week to message them. Shawn caught my eye, because he likes crispy bacon. If you don't, your match disappears into bacon heaven.

The meat company is using a dater's preference for bacon to measure compatibility. Instead, you let other daters on the app know if you like turkey or pork bacon, how crispy you like your bacon, and if you're a bacon splitter, taker or giver. Sizzl Next thing we knew, we had plans to meet up. While it's uncertain if our relationship will heat up, I know Shawn won't go bacon my heart.

He was one of our favorites. Sizzl The date was as smooth as slow-cooked pork belly on a Saturday morning. He claims he's a former hooker, but is now a writer from the Bay Area. Because in bacon love, these things matter. That's probably more than you got from your six-month, on-again, off-again stint on Tinder.

Instead you let other datersThe meat company is using a

From this set of questions, you're supposed to find your bacon soul mate. This yes-no form of dating is similar to other dating apps, including Tinder, Hinge and Bumble. This week, Oscar Mayer released a new dating app specifically for bacon lovers. If you and a potential match both hit the sizzle button, you can chat.