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Bachelorette Pool Party

Kick things off on-theme by setting the mood for a fun time with cute invites like these from Paperless Post. While swimming and sipping totally count as activity in our book, throwing a game in for good measure is always a good idea. Play a game of condom-style chicken. The girl who collects the most toys during her dive wins the game. Drinks in popsicles form help the pool-party age hit adulthood.

Ice Cream favor bag- birthday favor bag- spring party favor-summer pool party favor bag- bachelorette favor bag- gift bag- party favor. Help the girls keep their cool in the summer heat with refreshing slices of frozen watermelon on a stick. Pool Side Bacholette Mayhem. For an added element and if you don't have many noodles, incorporate a dive into the water to retrieve more noodles into the game, but make sure you adjust the time limit accordingly.

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Dance clubs, spas and trips to Vegas are all fun ways do a bachelorette party. Each girl sits on the ground a few feet from the pool's edge and takes a turn sliding a condom in a wrapper towards the pool.

Make ice cream balls to nosh on during the bachelorette bash and save the big cake for the big day. Follow Us sapphiredayclub My Tweets.

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Larger-than-life Jenga is sure to be a hit. The girl who slides it closest to the edge without going over wins the game. Dancingcock Poolside Huge Cock Orgy.

Set up an inner tube that has an open center propped upright at the edge of a pool. Get the girls ready for a wet and wild day with this roundup of ideas.

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